Andrew Cuomo

Buzz: Who's going to challenge Cuomo in 2018?

“It’s not going to be a Paladino type for sure. He will have some of the Astorino qualities,” a Republican bochinchero said.

So, we can bet that it’s not a mujer.

Could it be one of the four New York congressional Republicans who voted for the tax bill and denounced Gov. Andrew Cuomo for “lying” about conversations with him? “There’s at least one of them that could play well against Cuomo,” the bochinchero said, but refused to name him.

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However, another GOP bochinchero told me, “I’m hoping that Tom Reed is in the mix.” That’s the member of Congress from New York’s 23rd District. Thomas W. Reed II is a Roman Catholic and the youngest (he’s 45) of 12 siblings.

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I bet you must be thinking exactly what I said to the bochinchero: “WHO?”

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