Who's up and who's down this week?

From North Korean highs to Siena poll lows, it's this week's biggest Winners & Losers.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo has already taken a page out of the North Korean playbook. So why not borrow one of the tactics President Donald Trump used on his visit to North Korea? If a fake movie trailer illustrating a harmonious future could help reduce the risk of nuclear war, why not make a similar video showing Cuomo and the state Senate Republicans embracing a destiny where we’re all winners?


Joel Abelove -

A state Supreme Court justice dismissed the charges against Rensselaer County District Attorney Joseph Abelove for allegedly lying to a grand jury and mishandling the investigation of a shooting of an unarmed black man. Abelove did not miss an opportunity to paint the case against him as a political maneuver or relish in former Attorney General Eric Schneiderman’s fate, calling the the case a “political hit” by the “now disgraced” Schneiderman, who’s got “legal problems of his own.”

Adem Bunkeddeko -

Fourteen years after Rep. Yvette Clarke narrowly lost her primary bid against an established incumbent, Clarke is now being challenged by a young, progressive insurgent – and he’s garnering national support. The New York Times endorsed Clarke’s challenger, activist Adem Bunkeddeko, in the primary race. An endorsement from the Times isn’t too shabby for a first-time candidate.

David Jones & John Raskin -

Political organizers, take notes. Jones from the Community Service Society and Raskin from the Riders Alliance teamed up to get New York City to fund half-priced MetroCards for low-income New Yorkers. And now it’s funded in the budget to the tune of $106 million, over de Blasio’s initial objections. Unlike the mayor, Jones and Raskin, knew a millionaire’s tax had a snowball’s chance in a summer subway tunnel, and worked to earned the support of this very publication, tons of advocacy groups, and 94 percent of the City Council.

Juanita Perez Williams -

Perez Williams entered the Democratic congressional primary less than two weeks before petitioning. She was the favorite of the national Democratic Party, but she had little local support, which had already gone to primary rival Dana Balter. In fact, Perez Williams almost didn’t it onto the ballot since nearly 2,000 of her petition signatures were thrown out. But all that is yesterday’s news. A new poll from Siena College shows Perez Williams with a decisive 13-point lead over Balter despite the late start and initial setbacks.


Pamela Harris -

In case there was any question about this, Pam taught us all a lesson: Stealing $25,000 in FEMA funds, then pillaging a children’s charity, and then spending those ill-gotten gains on pretty underwear and vacations … that’s a no-no. The former Brooklyn assemblywoman pleaded guilty to the crimes and now faces up to 30 years in prison. We hope it’s somehow worth it Pam, but that would be one heck of a brassiere.

Marcus Molinaro & Cynthia Nixon -

When Siena College posted its latest gubernatorial poll, Cynthia Nixon put out a campaign press release asserting that Gov. Andrew Cuomo “did not expand his lead by a statistically significant margin from Siena’s last poll in April.” Marcus Molinaro tried to change the subject by rolling out a few campaign staffing announcements. But the biggest news was unavoidable – the incumbent enjoys a 19-point lead over Molinaro with general election voters and a 35-point lead over Nixon among Democrats.

Carolyn Maloney -

Nobody digs up oppo like an upstart congressional campaign fueled by beer. Primary challenger Suraj Patel put the venerable Upper East Side congresswoman on the defensive this week, asking her about the time she wore a Muslim burqa on the House floor, her photo-op with a problematic Filipino official and Maloney’s repeated skepticism on the safety of vaccines. Patel’s proving to be more than just a pushover, making Maloney focus more on campaigning and less on pandas.

Donald Trump -

Schneiderman may be gone, but his replacement, Barbara Underwood, is no slump when it comes to taking on the president. In an attention-grabbing move, the new state attorney general filed a lawsuit to shut down the Trump Foundation and bar the president – and his children Don Jr., Eric and Ivanka – from serving on nonprofit organizations. Plus, Michael Cohen might flip on Trump like a IHOb burger on the 4th of July.