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Rejected City & State cover stories

Our editors said no, for some reason.

Take a peek into City & State's rejected cover wasteland..

Take a peek into City & State's rejected cover wasteland.. Celeste Sloman; Pavelis/Shutterstock; Celeste Sloman; Yana Vasileva/Shutterstock

City & State reporters have gone on a bike ride with Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams, ordered Italian ice with state Sen. Jessica Ramos and gotten muddy in a Spartan race with state Sen. John Liu. But not every pitch turns into a cover story. Here are some of the ideas that City & State hasn’t picked up … yet.

We got the Manhattan Borough President drunk on craft beer
Celeste Sloman

  • Max vs. Debi: Staten Island’s War of the Roses

  • City & State Swimsuit Edition

  • NYC-DSA Exposed: Most leftists are right-handed

  • Countryside & State: All the electeds who left NYC during COVID-19 

  • Best iPhone games according to subway cops

  • Joe Lentol's cat feel-ine bad after owner's loss

Trick or treating with the NYC Public Advocate
Celeste Sloman

  • Inside the Park Slope Food Co-Op with Brad Lander

  • The Marvelous Mr. Maisel: Alan Maisel’s secret political empire

What New York's First Dog hopes to accomplish
Yana Vasileva/Shutterstock

  • City & Swipe: How New York’s most powerful politicians are meeting singles

  • Andrea Stewart’s Cousins: The majority leader was busy, but her family members were available

  • 40 under 4’ - New York’s shortest leaders

  • Ed Ra: The shortest name in politics

  • NYC 40 to 50 between 40 and 50: They just keep complaining about being left out

  • Ferry Best Friends: De Blasio and the NYC Ferry

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