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City & State’s best covers of 2020

Some of our favorite Page Ones from this year’s magazines.

Tish James, Lupé Todd-Medina, and Andrea Stewart-Cousins.

Tish James, Lupé Todd-Medina, and Andrea Stewart-Cousins. Celeste Sloman

How do you measure a year? At City & State, we measure it in magazine covers. While each and every issue is precious to us, we’d be lying if we said we didn’t have favorites.

We asked our art director Andrew Horton about some of his.

High Hopes - February 3, 2020

High Hopes
City & State

“A light-hearted cover from a more light-hearted time: February.”

The story: Legalizing recreational marijuana may once again come down to how to spend tax revenues

Hopeless/Homeless - March 9, 2020

City & State

“Changing the City & State logo into a more hand-drawn style adds a small grace note that helps pull the cover together.”

The story: Despite damning reports, calls to action and billions spent, New York is perpetuating the crisis.

Cuomo’s Inner Voice - April 6, 2020

Cuomo's Inner Voice
City & State

“While exploring the governor's core values he inherited from his father, we channeled our own inner Terry Gilliam.”

The story: The governor’s best version of himself sounds an awful lot like dad.

John Liu, Iron Man - July 27, 2020

John Liu Iron Man
City & State

"I just like the confidence of a politician who'll bicycle to a photo shoot with Winnie Au on a hot summer's day and just pose in his polo. John Liu never let us see him sweat."

The story: The trailblazer for Asian Americans burst back into politics with a wave of progressive support. Can he make both groups happy?

Jabari Brisport - October 12, 2020

Jabari Brisport
City & State

"When you have a photo with as beautiful a palette as this one by Guerin Blask, it does all the work on the cover for you."

The story: The next generation of rising stars in city politics.

The Power Players - November 30, 2020

The Power Players
City & State

"The leaders New York needs now; a portrait of strength by Celeste Sloman."

The story: How Black women in government and politics are getting it done.