Bochinche & Buzz: Does Harlem <3 Bill?

Even among a few bochincheros who have endorsed one of the other 10 lesser-known or “en sus casas los conocen" (in their homes they know them) candidates, state Sen. Bill Perkins is favored to be the victor of the Valentine’s Day special election for New York City Council District 9.

However, if Perkins doesn't replace Inez Dickens (who replaced Keith Wright in the Assembly) in the City Council, then he’s likely going to get a primary next year for his seat. The reason? A top bochinchero told B&B recently, “Man, if he can’t beat all these newcomers, it’ll show he’s losing his strut in Harlem. He’ll be very vulnerable.” That same bochinchero, along with a few others, predicted that voter turnout for the special election will be about 4,000. That’s it?!?

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