'Real affordable housing is a feminist issue'

As New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio gears up for re-election, female leaders from Real Affordability for All are upping their campaign against Deputy Mayor Alicia Glen to push for a better housing plan for low-income women and families.

The advocacy group is launching a social media campaign, which includes a new video on Facebook and a letter campaign sent from eight female activists. The activists argue that the de Blasio administration’s housing plan fails women and should prioritize affordable housing for women and families.

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“Real affordable housing is a feminist issue. If you believe all women deserve a home they can afford, we urge you to pressure developers to prioritize real affordable housing for the low-income women and families who need it the most,” reads the letter, which was signed by The Black Institute’s Bertha Lewis, Ava Farkas of the Metropolitan Council on Housing, Katie Goldstein of Tenants & Neighbors and others. The writers also accuse Glen of giving “massive subsidies and contracts to developers who are more interested in maximizing profit than building deeply affordable housing for those who need it the most.”