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Trump headlines make more sense now that he’s a ‘Florida Man’

We reworked a few of his more shocking headlines to prove our point.

President Donald Trump.

President Donald Trump. JIM LO SCALZO/EPA-EFE/Shutterstock

News broke on Thursday night that President Donald Trump, a lifelong New Yorker, has filed a “declaration of domicile” in Florida, last month, officially making him a “Florida Man.” 

In 2013, the Florida Man account was launched on Twitter, taking real headlines that described uniquely bizarre and (mostly) hilarious crimes, all of which include “Florida Man” in the headline. The account took off and now the Florida Man has become a canonized part of American internet culture.

Looking back on the last few decades, Trump’s actions make a whole lot more sense now that he’s a Florida Man. To show you how, we reworked some of his most shocking and surprising headlines, to honor his new identity. 

Florida Man attacks prime minister of Denmark for not selling him Greenland

Florida man says he wants to dig moat, stock it with alligators

Florida Man refers to North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un as a “Little Rocket Man”

Florida Man releases self-incriminating transcript of phone call, declares it “perfect”

Florida Man refers to Mexican immigrants as “rapists” while hiring them as gardeners

Florida man tells radio host it’s OK to call his daughter “a piece of ass”

Florida Man says he and his daughter “both like sex”

Florida Man wonders if it’s wrong to be “sexually attracted” to his own daughter

Florida Man throws paper towels at crowd of hurricane survivors

18 musicians ask Florida Man to stop playing their music

Florida Man booed by entire baseball stadium

Florida Man hires lawyer from country’s lowest-ranked law school to pay porn star hush money 

Florida Man attempts to woo porn star by telling her that she reminds him of his daughter

Florida Man treats NCAA college football champions to a buffet of fast food

Florida Man cyberbullies comedian Rosie O’Donnell

Florida Man claims president is secretly from Kenya

Florida Man worries that being on a reality TV show will alarm his mafia associates

Florida Man sneaks into beauty pageant changing room

Florida Man spends charity money on portrait of himself

Florida Man declares himself "very stable genius"

Florida Man files for bankruptcy four times, calls self "brilliant businessman"