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New York State Top 50 Lobbyists 2021

The government relations firms that earned the most lobbying in the state in 2020.

City & State’s top 50 state lobbyists feature highlights the most sought-after firms in the business.

City & State’s top 50 state lobbyists feature highlights the most sought-after firms in the business. mapman/Shutterstock

Year after year, New York voters decide who they want to represent them in elected office. Many of these officials go on to draft new laws. Others oversee and implement policies. Still, others audit governmental bodies or take legal action on behalf of everyday New Yorkers. 

Another part of this process is carried out by government affairs professionals, who advocate for the interests of companies, trade associations, nonprofit organizations or grassroots coalitions. These lobbying outfits rely on a combination of policy chops, political savvy and well-cultivated relationships to ensure their clients’ needs are considered as laws and regulations are crafted. 

City & State’s Top 50 State Lobbyists list highlights the most sought-after firms in the business. Based on the state Joint Commission on Public Ethics’ lobbying compensation data for 2020, the list excludes income for other services, such as communications and campaign consulting. We excluded entities – such as the Greater New York Hospital Association – that lobby solely on its own behalf. Also, we combined lobbying entities that are part of the same corporate family. 

We then asked each firm to review our calculations and provide information, including identifying up to five notable clients and five key industries. We also asked each firm to share their biggest accomplishment on the state level in the past year. All answers that were submitted to those and a few other questions are in quotes. We filled in any gaps with details from JCOPE filings in the background information sections.

We’re pleased to present New York’s Top 50 Lobbyists.

1. Brown & Weinraub

Compensation: $14,352,176
Mike Cassidy (left) and Patrick Lespinasse (right) / Timothy H. Raab & Northern Photo

Mike Cassidy, Senior Adviser

Patrick Lespinasse, Senior Adviser

Key industries: Health care, alternative energy, finance, real estate and insurance, cannabis and hemp, advanced technology

Notable clients: Google, IBM, Plug Power, Crown Castle, Healthcare Association of New York State

Biggest achievement in the past year?

“Our firm maintained full employment throughout 2020 and added staff in 2021. We relocated to a renovated historic building in downtown Albany and grew in terms of revenue and clients. During the height of the pandemic, we linked clients with key players in government to address challenges including Google and Tableau, whose experts developed a case tracking system and dashboard, and IBM, which developed the Excelsior Pass tool enabling New Yorkers to share their vaccine status. We also assisted with private sector efforts to supply (personal protective equipment) and other equipment and to ensure care providers had reliable language translation services. We looked inward to identify additional ways to promote social justice and support opportunities for traditionally underrepresented groups and will continue to be proactive in this space.”

What would you like to see change in New York state politics and government?

“Our hope for the remainder of 2021 is that events in Albany will lead to workplaces in which employees, particularly women, feel safe and have a reliable, responsive process to follow if they do not.”

Big prediction for the rest of 2021?

“For the rest of 2021, our prediction is that government will get back to work, an executive budget will be crafted and good work will be done for the people of New York.”

2. Kasirer

Compensation: $14,142,309
Left to right: Suri Kasirer, Julie Greenberg, Jovia Radix, and Jennifer Rivera / Yvonne Albinowski; Julie Greenberg; Kasirer; Don Pollard

Suri Kasirer, President

Julie Greenberg, Executive Vice President

Jovia Radix, Vice President, Legislation

Jennifer Rivera, Vice President, Corporate and Legislation

Key industries: Hospitality, technology, health care, nonprofit, real estate

Notable clients: Restaurants Organizing Advocating Rebuilding, Hotel Association of New York City, New York Building Congress, Motion Picture Association, Target

Biggest achievement in the past year?

“Kasirer’s team galvanized restaurant workers reeling from impending closures under a new group, Restaurants Organizing Advocating Rebuilding, or ROAR. We connected ROAR with state regulators to develop innovative methods for safe dining and cultivated the political support for new – now permanent – standards to allow restaurants to survive and emerge safer and stronger. We brought ROAR and agencies together to launch the city’s first mobile COVID-19 vaccination bus, visiting the neighborhoods where many restaurant staff live, thus breaking down barriers between restaurant work schedules and vaccination sites.”

What would you like to see change in New York state politics and government?

“One dynamic that we’re already seeing change is representation of women at the highest ranks, with Kathy Hochul assuming the role of governor. Not only is she the first female governor, but she is also coming into office at a time of enormous opportunity to exhibit her strengths in solving urgent problems through hard work, listening to constituents and coalition building.”

Big prediction for the rest of 2021?

“There’s no doubt that New Yorkers are facing public health and economic uncertainty. Our big prediction is that New York will continue to wow the world with our remarkable resilience: We’ll harness creativity to build back businesses, our work ethic to create jobs through infrastructure projects and our compassion for one another by complying with evolving safety standards as we all envision a healthier 2022.”

3. Bolton-St. Johns

Compensation: $12,773,187
Giorgio DeRosa (left) and Emily Giske (right) / Natalie Cartz; Sippakorn Ponpayong

Giorgio DeRosa, Partner

Emily Giske, Partner

Key industries: Health care, education, technology, energy, telecommunication and nonprofits

Notable clients: Personal Care Products Council, Broadway League, Tech:NYC, Gay Men’s Health Crisis, New York Immigration Coalition, Google

Biggest achievement in the past year?

“2021 continued to be a year filled with challenges as New York continues on the post-COVID recovery journey. We are especially proud of the work that our clients and team have been able to achieve despite the limitations of the pandemic. For example, we were able to assist numerous nonprofit organizations to access crucial funding so that they could provide essential services to New Yorkers. We had the privilege of representing clients working on major legislation, including recreational marijuana, the Musical and Theatrical Production Tax Credit, the Gender Recognition Act, repealing Walking While Trans and criminal justice reform.”

What would you like to see change in New York state politics and government?

“The past few years we have seen a significant growth in the number of women in government, especially of color, both in elected office and at the staff level. While this is a huge milestone, there is still work to be done to elect more in all levels of state government, from the county level to statewide.”

Big prediction for the rest of 2021?

“New York will continue to make its comeback.”

4. Greenberg Traurig

Compensation: $11,300,036
Samir NeJame / Greenberg Traurig

Samir NeJame, Chair, New York State Government Law and Policy Practice

Key industries: Health care, real estate, gaming, environment and energy, insurance and financial services

Notable clients: Real Estate Board of New York, Health Plan Association, Life Insurance Council of New York, EDF Renewables, New York Medical Cannabis Industry Association

Biggest achievement in the past year?

“GT has had many achievements, from being an invaluable resource to clients during the emergency period to working towards (the) successful passage of the Marijuana Regulation and Taxation Act (MRTA). On behalf of our clients, GT supported the MRTA’s robust social equity goals, overdue expansion of the state’s Medical Marijuana Program and thoughtful transition to adult-use. GT also served as Entergy’s counsel in the (state Public Service Commission) proceeding to sell its retired nuclear generating facilities at the Indian Point site in Westchester County to a specialty decommissioning company. GT was a core part of a multiagency effort and was able to achieve a settlement agreement unanimously supported by all parties to the proceeding, leading to the first-of-its-kind in New York, prompt decommissioning plan for the site by the mid-2030s. The PSC chair lauded the settlement reached, stating he had never seen a better performance of a group of people in support of the public interest in his four decades of public service. We also are particularly proud of the depth of services we provided our education clients, which were uniquely impacted by the pandemic, offering guidance on legislative and executive responses, including legislation governing vaccination “time off,” unemployment benefits, development of reopening plans, vaccination mandates and educational programming. During an unprecedented time in Albany, being a substantive, well-balanced law firm has allowed us to serve our clients well. We have cultivated long-standing relationships and continue to foster new relationships on both sides of the aisle and in all parts of New York state government.”

What would you like to see change in New York state politics and government?

“The government add staff to the agencies to assist them in carrying out their mission.”

5. Ostroff Associates

Compensation: $7,407,983
Left to right: Rick Ostroff, Scott Wexler, and Diana Ostroff / Joan Heffler Photography

Rick Ostroff, President and CEO

Scott Wexler, Managing Director

Diana Ostroff, Managing Director

Key industries: Economic development, energy and environment, health care, hospitality and gaming, and transportation

Notable clients: Anheuser-Busch, Everytown for Gun Safety/Moms Demand Action, IAC, Regeneron, Tesla

Biggest achievement in the past year?

“As a firm, our biggest accomplishment in the past year has been the work we did to help industries reopen, keep essential businesses operating and maintain continuity for ongoing client issues in the midst of the pandemic. We worked to develop and implement safe operating guidelines to facilitate the successful reopening of numerous industries that were impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. We collaborated with state officials to assist restaurants, fitness centers, salons and spas, entertainment venues, retailers, P-12 schools, institutions of higher education and other businesses reopen under COVID-19 protocols. Additionally, we worked hard to make sure that clients deemed essential could remain open, (we) were following the changing state requirements and had the necessary tools needed to remain open safely. Furthermore, we ensured continuity among our client’s various projects, legislative issues and initiatives throughout the pandemic so critical projects and public policy proposals moved forward in spite of the difficult circumstances.”

What would you like to see change in New York state politics and government? 

“We’re looking forward to the return of the New York state Legislature to in-person session in January 2022. After nearly two years of virtual legislative sessions, meetings and interactions, we’re excited to see legislators and their constituents back together in the Capitol again next year. We’re anxious to get back to working side by side with legislators and their staffs to advance important initiatives for the people of New York. We’re also looking forward to continuing to develop our relationships with legislators, including the many new members in the Legislature, so we can further meaningful engagement on important policy issues in New York state on behalf of our clients.”

6. Mercury

Compensation: $7,162,416
Charlie King (left) and Jan Feuerstadt (right) / Mercury LLC

Charlie King, Partner

Jan Feuerstadt, Partner

Key industries: Cannabis, real estate, climate and energy, infrastructure, fintech, health care

Notable clients: Charter Communications, Manhattan Beer Distributors, PharmaCann, UJA-Federation of New York

Biggest achievement in the past year?

“As we entered the second year of the pandemic, 2021 saw Mercury stepping in to assist businesses as they navigated the ever-changing landscape due to COVID-19 restrictions. We also worked to improve access to coronavirus vaccines for New Yorkers across the state.  One notable accomplishment this legislative session was the legalization of recreational cannabis, a system of licensing and the many social justice initiatives included in the legislation. Many people, companies and organizations have been fighting for legalized recreational cannabis in the state of New York and now that is a reality – Mercury is proud of that. From working to ensure the voices of marginalized communities were heard to supporting a strong but effective regulatory structure, Mercury assisted in crafting the future of the burgeoning industry.  For the future, we hope to turn the corner on COVID-19 and focus on recovery.”

7. Park Strategies

Compensation: $7,096,611

Lisa Marrello, Partner and Managing Director

Key industries: Energy, health care, construction, transportation, government

Notable clients: Verizon, Rite Aid, ExxonMobil, Greyhound Lines, New York State Psychological Association

Background information

Park Strategies was founded over two decades ago by former U.S. Sen. Al D’Amato, and in the private sector, the Long Island Republican’s consulting company has catered to clients on both sides of the aisle. In Albany, a key staffer is government relations veteran Lisa Marrello, who previously worked at Jackson Lewis P.C. and Wilson Elser Moskowitz Edelman & Dicker.

8. Hinman Straub

Compensation: $6,543,902
Sean Doolan / Carlene Gleman

Sean Doolan, Principal

Key industries: Health care, education, labor, human services

Notable clients: Con Edison, New York State Professional Firefighters Association, Association of Proprietary Colleges, Estée Lauder

Biggest achievement in the past year?

“Far and away, our greatest achievement over the past year has been the ongoing partnership with all of our clients in assisting them in meeting the challenges associated with the global pandemic. Whether it be advocating on their behalf in developing state policy, implementation of ever evolving state or federal requirements, securing additional funding or compliance and enforcement, the resources of the entire firm have been focused on doing all we possibly can do for clients during these unprecedented times.”

9. Constantinople & Vallone Consulting

Compensation: $5,596,402
Anthony Constantinople (left) and Perry Vallone (right) / William Alatriste

Anthony Constantinople, Partner

Tony Constantinople, Partner

Perry Vallone, Partner

Peter Vallone Sr., Partner

Key industries: Energy and environment, education and nonprofits, telecommunications, housing and construction, transportation

Notable clients: Waste Management, T-Mobile, TD Bank, Walgreens, Hanwha Energy, YAI

Background information

Constantinople & Vallone Consulting is a Manhattan-based government relations firm. One of its founders, Peter Vallone Sr., served for years as the speaker of the New York City Council and mounted bids for mayor and governor. The younger generation – Perry Vallone and Anthony Constantinople – now hold leadership roles at the family-run company. 

10. Davidoff Hutcher & Citron

Compensation: $5,502,251
Steve Malito (left) and Esteban Maccera (right) / Charles Cherney; Lifetouch Inc.

Steve Malito, Chair, New York State Government Relations Group

Esteban Maccera, Associate Director, New York State Government Relations Group

Key industries: Alcohol beverages, internet and communications, construction, nonprofits and automobiles

Notable clients: Facebook, AT&T, Metropolitan Package Store Association, Helen Keller Services, International Union of Journeymen and Allied Trades

Biggest achievement in the past year? 

“This past year has been like no other, with the coronavirus pandemic causing unprecedented disruptions and pivots in every facet of life. Our clients had to navigate an ever-changing list of government regulations, while working to access much-needed relief funds from all levels of government – all while the work of government itself was forced to recalibrate from in person to virtual. Despite all of that, DHC was able to successfully maintain our ability to get great results for our clients, and that is something of which we are immensely proud.”

What would you like to see change in New York state politics and government? 

“Perhaps the one positive impact of COVID-19 is that it has opened New Yorkers’ eyes to who are the most essential workers among us – those who kept us safe and healthy and facilitated the ability for most of us to shelter in place. Building on that recognition, we would love to see a greater acknowledgement of home health care providers as frontline workers in our state.”

Big prediction for the rest of 2021?

“Making predictions in a year like this is a fool’s errand. The only thing one can expect in 2021 is to expect the unexpected.”

11. Capalino

Compensation: $5,171,684
Left to right: James Capalino, Travis Terry, Jeanne Mullgrav, Tunisha W. Walker-Miller, Keith Tubbs / Leigh Beckett

James Capalino, CEO

Travis Terry, President

Jeanne Mullgrav, Group Leader

Tunisha W. Walker-Miller, Principal

Keith Tubbs, Principal

Key industries: Transportation, health care, real estate, nonprofits and technology

Notable clients: Macy’s, Times Square Alliance, New York University, New York Academy of Medicine, Two Trees Management

Biggest achievement in the past year?

“Capalino had many achievements last year that involved the state and state officials. A few to highlight include: (1) Working with FWD.us to secure passage of the NY HERO Act to preserve the livelihood and safety of immigrants and all New Yorkers; (2) Helping clients, including Somos Community Care and the Javits Center, on efforts to protect, test and vaccinate New Yorkers against COVID-19; (3) On behalf of LimeBike, successfully passed the e-scooter pilot program, bringing opportunities to urban transit deserts; and (4) Advocating for Fair Futures to secure over $20 million in city and state funding for services to help children aging out of foster care.”

12. Pitta Bishop & Del Giorno

Compensation: $4,982,803
Robert J. Bishop / Dominick Totino

Robert Bishop, Founding Member

Carlos Beato, Member

Key industries: Civil service and trade unions, nonprofit community-based organizations, criminal justice, health care, construction and development

Notable clients: Transport Workers Union Local 100, Public Health Solutions, Simon Wiesenthal Center, International Union of Painters and Allied Trades DC 9, Consortium for Worker Education

Biggest achievement in the past year? 

“We helped the Community Health Center of Richmond procure state and city funding for the construction of a state-of-art health center in Port Richmond, Staten Island. Passage of aggregate supply (S255/A1106) legislation, which requires payment of prevailing wage on traditional public works projects involving the hauling and delivery of aggregate supply construction materials. And, (we) worked with our clients to establish additional safety protocols from toxic elements in major industrial painting/coatings projects with the passage of A743/S5517, which allows the Office of General Services to establish state agency procurement guidelines for the application of industrial paints and coatings.”

13. MirRam Group

Compensation: $4,535,412
Eduardo Castell (left) and Catherine Torres (right) / MirRam Group

Eduardo Castell, Managing Partner

Catherine Torres, Partner

John A. Emrick, Partner

Compensation: $4,535,412

Key industries: Health care, tech, nonprofit, labor and housing

Notable clients: Transport Workers Union Local 100, Greater New York Hospital Association, Montefiore Health System, Hispanic Federation, Pharmacists Society of the State of New York

Biggest achievement in the past year? 

“As New York continues to battle the health and economic crisis resulting from the pandemic, MirRam was proud to achieve numerous victories in the budget and legislative session for our clients, many of whom are front-line workers. Protections for subway and bus operators, support for our state’s hospitals, pharmacy reimbursement equity and vaccination ability are among our many achievements.”

14. Cozen O’Connor and Cozen O’Connor Public Strategies

Compensation: $4,377,773
Katie Schwab (left) and Stuart Shorenstein (right) / Cozen O’Connor

Katie Schwab, Managing Director, Cozen O’Connor Public Strategies

Stuart Shorenstein, Managing Director, Cozen O’Connor Public Strategies, and Member, Cozen O’Connor

Key industries: Banking and financial services, cannabis, arts and culture, sports betting and education

Notable clients: Apollo Theater, Canopy Growth, Pratt Institute, Chubb

Biggest achievement in the past year?

“Our clients have remained at the forefront of addressing the COVID-19 crisis this year, providing essential services and creatively developing solutions to ensure New York’s social, economic and cultural well-being. We are especially proud that our team worked effectively with New York state leaders to shape the legal framework of two entirely new industries – sports betting and recreational marijuana – that will not only provide much-needed tax revenue, but also address long-standing social inequities.”

15. Albany Strategic Advisors

Compensation: $4,224,288

Allison Lee, CEO

Mike O’Leary, Executive Vice President

Paul Zuber, Senior Vice President

Dan Cain, Senior Vice President

Justin Birzon, Vice President for Policy and Regulation

Jill Scalzo, Vice President of Legislative Affairs

Key industries: Telecommunications, technology, travel and entertainment, banking, finance and insurance, criminal and social justice

Notable clients: ArchCare, The Bronx Defenders, Curaleaf

Biggest achievement in the past year? 

“This past year, as our firm navigated the ever-shifting intricacies of state-level politics and the ongoing challenges of the pandemic, our biggest overarching achievement was equipping clients with specifics in real time and providing insight so they were best prepared to navigate business as usual. ASA strives to support its clients in dynamic times with thoughtful, seasoned strategies to achieve outcomes on multiple platforms at any given time. We are proud to represent a broad array of client interests that span a large swath of public policy priorities.”

16. The Parkside Group

Compensation: $3,956,125
Left to right: Dan Katz, Saima Anjam, and Benjamin Kern / The Parkside Group

Saima Anjam, Vice President

Dan Katz, Executive Vice President and General Counsel

Benjamin Kern, Vice President and Assistant General Counsel

Key industries: Technology, sports and gaming, energy and telecommunications, nonprofit and labor

Notable clients: AT&T, Brooklyn Nets, CAMBA Inc., Microsoft, 32BJ SEIU

Biggest achievement in the past year? 

“We are obviously proud of so many incredible victories that we helped achieve for our clients, whether it is helping industries navigate the COVID-19 reopening process, securing government assistance for essential workers or passing critical alternative energy legislation. But our biggest achievement in the past year has to have been the passage of mobile sports betting. On behalf of a variety of industry stakeholders, we directed a complex public affairs campaign that culminated in the 2021-22 state budget authorizing mobile sports betting in New York.”

17. Dickinson & Avella PLLC

Compensation: $3,877,469
Michael Avella (left) and Christina Dickinson (right) / Dickinson & Avella PLLC

Christina Dickinson, Partner

Michael Avella, Partner

Key industries: Technology, criminal justice, voting and elections, sports and entertainment, finance

Notable clients: New York Hotel and Motel Trades Council, Verizon, New Yorkers United for Justice, StudentsFirstNY, Orthodox Union

Biggest achievement in the past year? 

“In the past year we’ve helped clients navigate the COVID-19 pandemic, keeping them up to date with evolving policies and advocating for their needs. We helped both New York baseball teams reopen and advocated for and defended significant victories like parole reforms and voting rights restoration in addition to securing funding for clients. We’ve done significant work in the cannabis space and anticipate much more work as adult-use is implemented and medical expands. We also successfully advocated for mobile sports wagering and stabilization of New York's land-based casinos.”

18. Cordo & Company

Compensation: $3,772,802
Adam Richardson (left) and Nora Boyle (right) / JP Elario Photography

Adam Richardson, Executive Vice President

Nora Boyle, Vice President

Compensation: $3,772,802

Key industries: Sports, education, labor, health care and insurance

Notable clients: 1199SEIU, Genting New York, New York State Beer Wholesalers Association, Somos Community Care

Biggest achievement in the past year? 

“Cordo & Co. assisted our clients responsibly and safely (in) navigating the challenges presented by COVID-19. We are especially proud to have assisted our clients in collaborating with New York to test and vaccinate hundreds of thousands of vulnerable and immigrant New Yorkers. In 2021, we helped in crafting safe staffing laws, strengthening wage theft laws and enacting mobile sports wagering. We look forward to continuing that work in 2022, helping our clients build back a better and healthier New York.”

19. TBA

Compensation: $3,206,779
Kristen Walsh (left) and Matthew Powers (right) / Don Pollard

Kristen Walsh, President, New York

Matthew Powers, Senior Director, Albany

Key industries: Energy, transportation, health care, financial services and education

Notable clients: Amtrak, American Airlines, Greater New York Hospital Association, AECOM, energyRe

Biggest achievement in the past year? 

“TBA is proud of the work we’ve done helping clients navigate the unprecedented realities created by the COVID-19 pandemic across the state. From supporting innovation in the education and health care industries and ensuring private sector participation in the reopening process to advocating for transportation solutions and setting the stage for the new green economy, TBA has been at the forefront of these issues. We look forward to continuing these efforts on behalf of our clients and all New Yorkers.”

20. The Roffe Group P.C.

Compensation: $3,156,431

Andrew Roffe, Founder

Key industries: Health care, government, finance and energy

Notable clients: White Plains, Starbucks, Apple, Xerox, Exelon

Background information

The Roffe Group P.C., which is based in Albany and also has an office in New York City, is led by Andrew Roffe, who previously held high-ranking governmental roles in the Assembly, in Westchester County and in Congress. A key colleague in the bipartisan office is Managing Director Christine C. Rutigliano, who previously was deputy comptroller in the office of the state comptroller and worked in the state Senate and Assembly. 

21. CMW Strategies

Compensation: $3,119,098
Michael Woloz / Lisa Berg

Michael Woloz, President and CEO

Key industries: Transportation, real estate, construction, cultural attractions and tourism, and energy

Notable clients: Verizon, Instacart, Hotel Association of New York City, Hebrew Home at Riverdale, National Supermarket Association

Background information

Manhattan-based CMW Strategies is led by Michael Woloz, who has been with the firm for two decades. Woloz, a former New York City Council staffer and journalist, has been expanding the firm’s presence in Albany in recent years, an effort spearheaded by government veteran Skip Piscitelli.

22. Manatt

Compensation: $3,105,094
Left to right: Julia Donnaruma, Jim Walsh, and Megan McNamara / Manatt

Jim Walsh, Partner

Meghan McNamara, Partner

Julia Donnaruma, Senior Advisor

Key industries: Health care, higher education, procurement, energy and the environment

Notable clients: Molina Healthcare Inc., New York University, Oracle America, Coalition of New York State Public Health Plans, NRG Energy

Biggest achievement in the past year? 

“We are very proud of the work we did to support our clients as providers of essential services throughout the pandemic and to secure benefits so many could weather this unprecedented event. Our expanding team of experienced professionals is now focused on helping our clients navigate the opportunities and challenges associated with New York’s recovery through a commitment to providing expert government affairs, regulatory and legal services to address all of our clients’ needs.”

23. Patrick B. Jenkins & Associates

Compensation: $3,088,979
Jennifer Richardson (left) and Cory Loomis (right) / Lana Ortiz Photography; Ryan Day

Jennifer Richardson, Senior Vice President

Cory Loomis, Legislative Director

Key industries: Gaming, education, telecommunications and technology, real estate and development, and health care

Notable clients: New York State Trial Lawyers Association, Genting New York LLC, Charter Communications, Bank Street College of Education

Biggest achievement in the past year?

“Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we had to adjust our advocacy strategies to continue to serve our clients during the past year. While we are proud of all that we have achieved on behalf of our clients, it was particularly rewarding to be part of a group of lobbyists and gaming interests to bring mobile sports betting to the state.”

24. Geto & de Milly

Compensation: $2,943,500
Michele de Milly (left) and Ethan Geto (right) / Geto & de Milly

Ethan Geto, Principal 

Michele de Milly, Principal 

Compensation: $2,943,500

Key industries: Real estate and land use, professional sports, education, hotels, nonprofits, social services, LGBTQ+ advocacy, criminal justice reform, culture and the arts

Notable clients: The Howard Hughes Corp., PepsiCo, New Alternatives for Children 

Biggest achievement in the past year?

“Geto & de Milly has been highly successful in maintaining strong momentum on development projects key to New York's post-pandemic economic recovery – including the Gowanus, Brooklyn, rezoning and a transformative proposal in the historic South Street Seaport, as well as Grand Street Guild's addition of hundreds of affordable apartments on the Lower East Side. Initiatives like these will spur economic growth, create jobs, increase affordable housing and add public open space. We're also quite proud of the funding support we have been able to secure for our nonprofit and advocacy clients, particularly criminal justice reform and educational efforts.”

25. The Wright Group NY

Compensation: $2,896,050
Vincent Rossetti (left) and Kristin Ruggles (right) / Luke Tress

Vincent Rossetti, Government Relations Specialist

Kristin Ruggles, Government Relations Specialist

Key industries: Nonprofit and human services sector, affordable housing, arts and culture, legal services, immigration rights and juvenile justice

Notable clients: BioBus, New York Legal Services Coalition, Kings Against Violence Initiative, Safe Passage Project, The Studio Museum in Harlem

Biggest achievement in the past year? 

“TWG always takes great pride in the accomplishments that our clients are able to achieve when they work together through coalition, and this was a banner year in that regard. Building off of success we saw with the passage of Raise the Age (RTA), this year included the passage of JD-12, which lowered the age of juvenile delinquency from seven to 12, and Retro YO, which grants retroactive youthful offender status to those previously excluded under the original RTA law.”

26. Fried Frank

Compensation: $2,654,131
Left to right: Melanie Myers, Zachary Bernstein, Carol E. Rosenthal, Wesley O'Brien, Tal J. Golomb, and David Karnovsky / Fried Frank

Zachary Bernstein, Real Estate Partner

Tal J. Golomb, Real Estate Partner

David Karnovsky, Real Estate Partner

Melanie Meyers, Real Estate Partner

Carol E. Rosenthal, Real Estate Partner

Wesley O’Brien, Real Estate Special Counsel

Key industry: Real estate

Notable clients: Vornado Realty Trust, Two Trees Management, The Related Companies, Rudin Management, Macy’s Retail Holdings Inc.

Background information

Fried, Frank, Harris, Shriver & Jacobson LLP – branded as Fried Frank – is a New York City-based law firm with offices in Washington, D.C., London and Frankfurt. In New York, one of its many specialties is real estate. Among its real estate clients are some of the biggest developers in New York City. 

27. Statewide Public Affairs

Compensation: $2,443,016
Christopher J. Duryea / Lucy Schultz

Christopher Duryea, Managing Partner

Key industries: Telecommunications, cannabis, technology, health care, energy and the environment

Notable clients: Comcast, Cresco Labs, New York State Dental Association

Biggest achievement in the past year? 

“Statewide has worked tirelessly to ensure the continued success of all our clients throughout these challenging times, yet the pandemic has impacted restaurants and hospitality to a degree thought unimaginable less than two years ago. We are proud to be part of the team working every day to restore this critical New York industry and bring back the restaurant capital of the world.”

28. Shenker Russo & Clark LLP

Compensation: $2,359,845
Theresa Russo (left) and Douglas Clark (right) / Shenker Russo & Clark LLP

Theresa Russo, Co-Managing Partner and CEO

Douglas Clark, Co-Managing Partner

Key industries: Automobile dealers, banking and financial services, higher education, health care, energy and biodiesel industry

Notable clients: Greater New York Automobile Dealers Association, New York Bankers Association, National Biodiesel Board, BlackRock, Center for Disability Services

Biggest achievement in the past year? 

“Shenker Russo & Clark’s biggest achievement over the past year has been to assist our myriad clients in navigating the many guidelines, executive orders, directives and rules put into place as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. We were able to assist statewide industries to remain open, retain their workforce and provide essential services. During these difficult times, our assistance helped clients retain jobs and maintain their businesses or organizations and at the same time kept everyone safe.”

29. Malkin & Ross

Compensation: $2,318,835
Jessica Schafroth (left) and Christine Tramontano (right) / Jessica Schafroth; Christine Tramontano

Jessica Schafroth, Vice President of Government Affairs

Christine Tramontano, Vice President of Government Affairs

Key industries: Addressing sexual and gender-based violence and harassment, expanding access to high-quality mental and physical health care, criminal justice reform, environmental justice and enhancing protections for our most vulnerable populations

Notable clients: Alliance for Clean Energy New York, Coalition for the Homeless Inc., Drug Policy Alliance, Make the Road New York, New York State Nurses Association, Safe Horizon

Biggest achievement in the past year? 

“Legalizing adult-use cannabis, securing the legislative passage of Less Is More as well as a package of bills to address the opioid overdose crisis, creating a first-in-the-nation Excluded Workers Fund, banning the use of chlorpyrifos and PFAS (Perfluoroalky and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances) in food packaging and passing an historic package of police reform measures, including the repeal of 50-a.”

30. Yoswein New York

Compensation: $2,262,600
Jeffrey Denman (left) and Joni A. Yoswein (right) / Yoswein New York

Joni A. Yoswein, Founder and CEO

Jeffrey Denman, Vice President

Key industries: Technology, educational and cultural nonprofits, transportation, health care, racing and wagering

Notable clients: New York City Hospitality Alliance, JetBlue, Brooklyn Public Library, New York Building Congress, Brooklyn Defender Services

Biggest achievement in the past year? 

“In a year that saw government become more important than ever, YNY was proud to ensure that our clients – and the New Yorkers they serve – had access to the governmental services and resources they so desperately needed. From securing small-business assistance funding and helping the restaurant industry reopen to supporting public school students and essential health care facilities, we were honored to help New York get through 2020 and move forward on a safe, fair and equitable recovery in 2021.”

31. McBride Consulting and Business Development Group

Compensation: $1,967,330
Luis E. Montes (left) and Robert McBride (right) / Daniel Reddy/Dan Reddy Design

Robert McBride, President and CEO

Luis E. Montes, Senior Vice President and Partner

Key industries: Energy and renewables, transportation, affordable housing, construction and health care

Notable clients: Eversource Energy Service Company, Transdev Services, OpenGov, Conifer Realty, Henry Schein

Biggest achievement in the past year? 

“McBride Consulting and Business Development Group was fortunate to experience steady growth throughout 2020, despite the COVID-19 pandemic, in part because it was more important than ever for government to work with private industry to deliver goods and services despite globally stressed conditions. The quality and continuity of services to our clients is a testament to the integrity of our team and the breadth of our network and an overall great achievement. We deliver value to our clients by helping them navigate and communicate with government officials and industry leaders, growing their company while protecting their brand!”

32. Featherstonhaugh, Wiley & Clyne LLP

Compensation: $1,896,000

Elizabeth K. Clyne, Managing Partner

Jonathan S. McCardle, Partner

Key industries: Construction and engineering, finance, health care, gaming, racing and wagering, and technology

Notable clients: General Contractors Association of New York, Goldman Sachs Group Inc., New York State Association of Cemeteries, Robin Hood Foundation, United Healthcare Services

Background information

Featherstonhaugh, Wiley & Clyne LLP is an Albany-based law firm with a portfolio that includes significant government matters. Managing Partner Elizabeth Clyne has led the firm since 1995, while Partner Jonathan McCardle came on board a decade ago. Another key leader of the firm is Partner James Featherstonhaugh, a veteran political player in Albany. 

33. Masiello, Martucci and Associates

Compensation: $1,887,217
Tony Masiello / Gordon James

Victor A. Martucci, Managing Partner

Tony Masiello, President

Key industries: Government, health care, transportation, education, culture and the arts

Notable clients: Buffalo, Erie County Medical Center, The Buffalo Zoo, Seneca Nation of Indians, Kaleida Health

Background information

Victor Martucci is the managing partner of Masiello, Martucci and Associates, a Buffalo-based firm with a major presence in Western New York. Another key employee at the firm is President Tony Masiello, who previously served as a state senator and the mayor of Buffalo.

34. Tress Capitol Advisors

Compensation: $1,545,999
Left to right: Tracy L. Tress, Kristen Murphy, Dan Leinung, and Michelle Walsh / Mia Ertas; Mia Ertas; Erika Reilly/Nusser Photography; Lana Ortiz Photography

Tracy L. Tress, Founder and Principal

Kristen Murphy, Senior Lobbyist

Dan Leinung, Counsel

Michelle Walsh, Associate Lobbyist

Key industries: Health care, biotech, law and sports

Notable clients: Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America, New York State Camp Directors Association, Legal Action Center

Biggest achievement in the past year? 

“Our biggest achievement, by far, has been effectively guiding our clients through this extraordinary year.”

35. Patricia Lynch Associates

Compensation: $1,521,496

Patricia Lynch, Principal

Key industries: Renewable energy, entertainment, real estate, cryptocurrency and transportation

Notable clients: The Walt Disney Co., Avis Budget Car Rental LLC, Diamond Generating Corp.

Background information

Patricia Lynch Associates is headed up by Albany veteran Patricia Lynch, who previously served as a top aide to then-Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver. Lynch retains a portfolio of top-tier corporate clients with business before the state.

36. Whiteman Osterman & Hanna LLP

Compensation: $1,485,878

Richard Leckerling, Coordinating Partner, Governmental Relations Practice Group

Key industries: Health care, education, insurance and finance

Notable clients: Columbia University Teachers College, Quest Diagnostics, Johnson & Johnson Services, CarMax

Background information

The Albany-based law firm Whiteman Osterman & Hanna LLP specializes in a number of industries and sectors with business before the government in New York. Partner Richard Leckerling, who once served as counsel to then-Assembly Speaker Stanley Fink, oversees the firm’s government relations practice.

37. Reid, McNally & Savage

Compensation: $1,424,917

Bob Reid, Partner

Shauneen McNally, Partner

Marcy Savage, Partner

Key industries: Health care providers, public health, public transit, financial sector and human services

Notable clients: Community Pharmacy Association of New York State, New York State Association of Health Care Providers, New York State Council for Community Behavioral Healthcare, New York Public Transit Association

Biggest achievement in the past year? 

“We are proud to have assisted our clients across sectors in successfully navigating state and local government policies, guidance, executive orders and regulations during an ongoing public health emergency so they could continue to provide essential services, keep their businesses operating and serve their communities. Further, despite the many new challenges and obstacles, we were able to help our clients succeed in a number of legislative and budget campaigns during this period.”

38. Empire Strategic Planning

Compensation: $1,419,150
Nick Spano / Grupp and Rose Photography

Nick Spano, Founder and Owner

Maureen Kronau, Senior Lobbyist

John Spano, Senior Lobbyist

Key industries: Health care, real estate, labor and accounting

Notable clients: Greater New York Hospital Association, Montefiore Hospital, iPark East, PKF O’Connor Davies, Westchester County Police Benevolent Association

Biggest achievement in the past year? 

“We were able to immediately adapt to the changing ways of communicating with the Legislature and the executive branch during this last year and successfully help clients like (Greater New York Hospital Association) to help continue the critical care to patients during the COVID-19 crisis.”

39. O’Donnell & Associates

Compensation: $1,393,422
Camille Brandon (left) and Jack O'Donnell (right) / Robert Brandon; Saffi Rigberg

Jack O’Donnell, Managing Partner

Camille Brandon, Community Outreach Director

Key industries: Health care, organized labor, cybersecurity, fintech and economic development

Notable clients: New York State Building & Construction Trades Council, Delaware North, Motorola Solutions, University at Buffalo

Biggest achievement in the past year? 

“We are proud to have supported our clients by keeping construction projects going safely, supporting our clients who support New York’s most vulnerable and ultimately being a resource our clients can count on in 2020 and beyond.”

40. State & Broadway

Compensation: $1,375,130
Lawrence E. Scherer (left) and Jacqueline S.L. Williams (right) / State & Broadway

Jacqueline S.L. Williams, Partner and Owner

Lawrence E. Scherer, Partner and Owner

Richard Winsten, Counsel and Senior Lobbyist

Key industries: Finance, film and television, labor, cannabis and private industry

Notable clients: Retail, Wholesale and Department Store Union, 1199SEIU, National Domestic Workers Alliance, Broadway Stages, New York Chiropractic Council

Biggest achievement in the past year? 

“Establishing a ‘right to publicity’ for deceased individuals to protect against the commercial exploitation of their name or likeness; television diversity tax credit bill signed into law.”

41. Gotham Government Relations & Communication

Compensation: $1,365,000
Left to right: Brad Gerstman, Nicole Epstein, and David Schwartz / Robert Martin/Headshots Long Island

Brad Gerstman, Partner

David Schwartz, Partner

Nicole Epstein, Senior Associate

Key industries: Small business advocacy, education and disability

Notable clients: Red Apple Group, New York School Bus Contractors Association, Flair Beverages Corp., Tiegerman Schools, Empire Commercial Services LP

Background information

Gotham Government Relations & Communication has a major presence in New York City and on Long Island as well as in Washington, D.C. Led by two founding partners, Brad Gerstman and David Schwartz, the firm also counts former Rep. Gary Ackerman among its key staff members.

42. Stroock

Compensation: $1,289,159
Ross Moskowitz / Stroock & Stroock & Lavan LLP

Ross F. Moskowitz, Partner

Key industry: Real estate

Notable clients: A&E Real Estate Management, Verizon, FWRA LLC, Yorkville Towers Associates LLC

Background information

The law firm Stroock, which also has offices in Washington, D.C., Miami and Los Angeles, has a thriving real estate practice in New York that is led by Partner Ross Moskowitz, a former New York City official who’s known for his expertise in zoning and land use matters. Among the key players on the firm’s New York real estate team are John Egnatios-Beene and Ashley Doukas.

43. Tusk Strategies

Compensation: $1,232,500
Left to right: Chris Coffey, Yvette Buckner, and Eric Soufer / Tusk Strategies

​​Chris Coffey, Head of New York Practice

Yvette Buckner, Managing Director

Eric Soufer, Managing Director

Key industries: Crypto, gaming, education, gig economy and tech

Notable clients: Pace-O-Matic, Education Equity Campaign, Latch

Background information

Tusk Strategies was founded by Bradley Tusk, who managed then-New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s successful 2009 reelection campaign. The firm, which helped manage early front-runner Andrew Yang’s mayoral bid this year, is known for its work with Uber and other tech startups. The New York office is led by Chris Coffey, an experienced campaign expert.

44. RG Group

Compensation: $1,231,500
Alan Rosenberg / RG Group

Alan Rosenberg, Partner

Catherine Giuliani, Partner

Gregory Mitchell, Associate

Compensation: $1,231,500

Key industries: Technology, consulting, energy, real estate and construction

Notable clients: KPMG, Oracle America, Red Hat, Transit Wireless, Armis

Biggest achievement in the past year? 

“RG Group prides itself on being the "go-to firm" for technology companies doing business in New York. Despite the impacts of COVID-19, that mission hasn't changed. In the past year, RG Group has successfully guided its clients through the COVID-19 crisis, identified shifting needs, navigated through uncertainty and budget challenges and helped position them as partners to government.”

45. Hill, Gosdeck, McGraw & Nemeth

Compensation: $1,183,371
Denise Murphy McGraw / Dave Felden

Denise Murphy McGraw, Principal

Jeffrey Hill, Principal

Frank Nemeth, Principal

Compensation: $1,183,371

Key industries: Health, technology, construction, financial services and the arts

Notable clients: Construction Industry Association of Rochester, Bayer Corporation, Getty Images, IBM, Facebook, Monsanto Company

Biggest achievement in the past year?   

“In 2021 we successfully advocated for passage of significant behavioral health legislation and secured more than $475 million for modernization of the Rochester City Schools and numerous defensive victories.”

46. Harter Secrest & Emery

Compensation: $1,174,270
John M. Jennings (left) and Amy J. Kellogg (right) / Walter Colley Images, Inc.

Amy J. Kellogg, Government Affairs Practice Group Leader and Partner-in-Charge of the Albany Office

John M. Jennings, Partner

Key industries: Biotechnology, transportation, health care, telecommunications and business associations

Notable clients: Amalgamated Transit Union Legislative Conference Board, American Nurses Association - New York, GlaxoSmithKline PLC, NewYorkBIO, New York State Telecommunications Association

Biggest achievement in the past year? 

“Our biggest achievement in the past year has been helping clients achieve their legislative priorities in an unprecedented environment. The COVID-19 pandemic changed everything, including lobbying, which is based on relationships and communication. The 2021 legislative session was conducted remotely, so all meetings were virtual, and the opportunity to see individuals more informally did not exist. Communications had to be intentional, which created unique challenges especially at the end of session when things moved quickly and constantly evolved. We figured out how to be successful in the new normal and as a result, our clients saw great successes.”

47. TLM Associates

Compensation: $1,166,721
James McMahon (left) and Thomas McMahon (right) / Maureen Frazier; Linda Gibbs

Thomas McMahon, President and Founder

James McMahon, Partner

Key industries: Affordable housing, financial services and solid waste

Notable clients: Action Carting Environmental Services, Bank of America, Community Preservation Corporation, Enterprise Community Partners 

Biggest achievement in the past year? 

“Working closely with clients and government partners to manage and navigate through the challenges and chaos caused by (the) global pandemic. With much of our work focused on affordable housing, we worked closely with state and city government partners and the advocacy community to adopt legislation and programs that protect tenants and allow development to move forward in 2021.”

48. Plummer & Wigger

Compensation: $1,152,000

Dan Plummer, Partner

Scott Wigger, Partner

Key industries: Manufacturing, media, transportation, energy and finance

Notable clients: General Electric Company, NBCUniversal, Railroads of New York, Millennium Pipeline, New York State Funeral Directors Association, New York Transco

What’s on the horizon for your firm in 2022?

“Looking forward into 2022, our main focus will be on getting through the current COVID-19 pandemic by continuing to assist our clients in working with the new Hochul administration and state Legislature to help New York state create jobs and promote initiatives that will create a robust post-COVID economy.”

49. Envision Strategy

Compensation: $1,055,500

David S. Carroll, Co-Founder and Managing Director

Key industries: Financial services, procurement and business development, health care, renewable energy and transportation

Notable clients: Cigna, NFL, Merscorp Holdings Inc., United Breast Cancer Foundation, National Employment Lawyers Association/New York

Biggest achievement in the past year? 

“One was successfully advocating for mobile sports gaming statewide. The second one was the state’s passthrough entity tax, a workaround of the impact of the federal (state and local tax) deduction for passthrough businesses, such as partnerships and S corporations, on behalf of a client that was interested in making New York more hospitable for businesses on tax fronts without costing New York a penny.”

50. Barrett Associates

Compensation: $1,032,002

Peter Carr Jr., Managing Partner

Key industries: Technology, financial services, manufacturing, health, education and nonprofits

Notable clients: Procter & Gamble, eBay, PayPal, Pitney Bowes, America’s Health Insurance Plans, StubHub

Background information

Barrett Associates has expanded over the years from a small firm focused on insurance clients to one specializing in an array of industries. The Albany-based firm has been led since 2017 by Peter Carr Jr. Another key leader at the firm is Jill Muratori.