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Empowering Change: Person Centered Care Services and the Trailblazing Women in Leadership

Discover the Impact of Nonprofit Excellence and Congratulate Helen Duchene, CFO, on Her Prestigious Award

In the dynamic landscape of nonprofit organizations, few stories stand out as exemplars of success and impact. Person Centered Care Services (PCCS) is one such beacon, where dedication to community well-being meets innovative leadership. This narrative not only celebrates PCCS's commitment to making a difference but also shines a spotlight on the exceptional accomplishments of their Chief Financial Officer, Helen Duchene.

Empowering through Nonprofit Excellence

Helen Duchene, Chief Financial Officer / PCCS

Person Centered Care Services has been at the forefront of community-driven initiatives on Staten Island for over two decades. Rooted in a mission to empower and provide equitable support to over 800.

children and adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities, PCCS strives to support people and communities in the ways that are most meaningful and impactful to them both within their primary work of servicing people with intellectual disabilities but also their larger community support and workforce efforts. From groundbreaking programs like the Career Ladders program (an initiative to recruit, retain and prioritize the professional development of Direct Support Professionals) to uplifting and empowering the voices of those with intellectual and developmental disabilities, PCCS embodies a commitment to empowering its workforce and advocating for the people they support.

Trailblazing Women in Leadership

In an era where diversity and inclusion are paramount, PCCS stands out for its dedication to promoting women in leadership. Women play pivotal roles at every level of the organization, contributing to its success and fostering a culture of collaboration and innovation. PCCS is proud to exclusively have women in executive-level positions, a noteworthy accomplishment in an industry where such leadership representation remains a challenge.

Recent research sheds light on the persistent gender disparity in nonprofit leadership. Astonishingly, women occupy just 33% of executive leadership roles across the nonprofit sector, particularly evident in organizations with annual budgets exceeding $50 million ((AAUW, 2018). This statistic emphasizes the need for continued efforts to promote gender equity and diversity in leadership positions within the nonprofit landscape. Person Centered Care Services, as a trailblazer in this regard, proudly stands as an exception with an exclusive executive team comprised of only women leaders.

The importance of diverse leadership is underscored by the outstanding achievements of Helen Duchene, who actively paves the way for inclusivity and advocacy in the nonprofit sector.

Congratulations to Helen Duchene: A Trailblazer in Nonprofit Finance

Person Centered Care Services celebrates Helen Duchene in receiving the Who's Who in Budgeting award. Helen’s illustrious 38-year career, with 21 years dedicated to nonprofit accounting on Staten Island, has been nothing short of extraordinary. As the Chief Financial Officer of PCCS, Helen's strategic financial acumen has been instrumental in steering the organization to new heights. This recognition is a testament to her unwavering commitment and innovative approach.

Helen's passion for community impact extends beyond her professional role. Through her strategic financial management, she has enabled the organization to broaden its reach and deepen its impact within the Staten Island community. Her innovative financial strategies have positioned Person Centered Care Services as a beacon of excellence in the nonprofit sector.

As we celebrate Person Centered Care Services for their outstanding contributions to the community and their commitment to women in leadership, let us extend heartfelt congratulations to Helen Duchene. Her award is not just a recognition of her individual accomplishments but a symbol of inspiration for women aspiring to make a difference in the nonprofit sector.

Person Centered Care Services’ resilience, innovation, and empowerment is the foundation of organization change and allows room and space for diversity and equity in leadership. As we navigate the future of nonprofit excellence, let us continue to amplify the voices of those, like Helen, who are driving positive change in our communities.

To learn more about Person Centered Care Services and its diverse leadership, visit them at pccsny.org.