More Tinder pickup lines for Suraj Patel

An image Suraj Patel's campaign disseminated for supporters to use on their Tinder accounts.
An image Suraj Patel's campaign disseminated for supporters to use on their Tinder accounts.
Suraj Patel for Congress
An image Suraj Patel's campaign disseminated for supporters to use on their Tinder accounts.

More Tinder pickup lines for Suraj Patel

Why stand outside a subway station when you can catfish voters on dating apps?
June 22, 2018

Suraj Patel, the primary challenger to Rep. Carolyn Maloney in New York’s 12th Congressional District, wants you to swipe right on his campaign. The New York Times reported that Patel is using Tinder and other dating apps to attract potential voters, a sort of civic catfishing where he uses a fake photo to lure potential voters, and then reveals himself as a congressional candidate after getting the mark engaged. Patel insists that this will attract young voters, although it’s unclear how many 18-to-25 year olds living near Patel’s East Village campaign headquarters are actually registered to vote in the district. Whether or not people are offended by their potential date turning out to be a congressional candidate with a fake photo is also left unaddressed.

Patel uses the line, “Are you into civic engagement?” to spark interest from his potential victims voters. He also has a handy guide to teach staffers how to manipulate their dating app prey called “TINDER BANKING 101” that includes such helpful tips as, “You can pick a stock hottie from,” and “Keep the mood generally light-hearted and flirty.”

To help amplify this strategy, inspired by the prose and romantic poetry of Patel’s campaign website – and our own imaginations – City & State came up with some other pickup lines he can use when attempting to get voters to swipe right:

- “For our first date, I’d like to see you at your local polling place, on June 26 anytime between 6am to 9pm.”

- “Hey girl, u up… for reforming democracy?”

- “Our campaign and policies are focused on the future – of you and me, and me in Congress.”

- “I want to talk about getting engaged – with a proud new electorate.”

- “There’s no contribution limit to my love.”

- “You put the ‘ass’ in canvass.”

- “My hobby is fighting to bring reform to democracy, what’s yours?”

- “I like long walks on the beach – and on the sidewalk, ringing doorbells and bringing our message of political reform to the hardworking middle-class families of this district.”

- “I’m not afraid of commitment, to the American people.”

- “Wanna grab coffee? Book a time and get in line, baby.”

- “U up? America is awake, aware, active.”

- “I love talking on the phone, about how it's time for creativity, innovation, and new blood in Washington.”

- “I’d like to talk about our future… and the future of our congressional district.”

- “You deserve a fierce and forceful champion – and so does New York.”

- “I’m not like all the others – that’s just a bunch of Maloney.”

- “This is our moment – to create a world that's more just, more equal, and more free.”

- “I’m in an open relationship with every voter in the district.”

- “I want my relationships – just like America – to be more just, more equal, and more free.”

- “Long story short? I rarely sit still ;)”

- “I’d like to make to an in-kind contribution to you.”

-  “I’m only lying about my identity, not the change I’ll bring to Washington.”

- “Like what you see? Check out my FAQ to learn more about me.”

- “You’re cuter than my favorite 16-year-old gymnast.”

- “I’m catfishing you for your vote. Can I depend on you June 26th?”

Grace Segers
is City & State’s digital reporter. She writes daily content on New York City and New York state politics.
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