New York's Next Indicted Elected Official Contest

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New York's Next Indicted Elected Official Contest

New York's Next Indicted Elected Official Contest
July 7, 2014


Whenever yet another elected official is indicted in New York State, we all lose.

But that’s about to change—at least for one lucky City & State reader. That’s because now, for the first time ever, City & State is giving you the opportunity to get something out of our state’s rampant political corruption: A free dinner!

That’s right. If you can correctly guess the next elected official to be indicted in New York State, you will win a dinner for you and a guest (or cellmate) with City & State Editor Morgan Pehme and C&S Contributor Gerson Borrero at the 46th Street Station House restaurant in Manhattan. The Station House, which is modeled after a real NYPD police station and owned by a retired cop, is the perfect setting for our contest winners to dine. It even includes a replica jail cell—or, as so many of our politicians call it, “home away from home.”

For more information, watch this official contest video shot on location at the 46th Street Station House. 

Here are the contest rules:

  • All submissions will be kept strictly confidential. If yours is the winning entry, City & State will contact you in advance of announcing you as the winner (just in case you get cold feet and want to renounce your victory before it goes public).
  • You may guess any current elected official in New York State. Former electeds, candidates, staffers and appointed officials don’t count.
  • Enter as many times as you want. Our politicians don’t curb their excesses, why should you?
  • If there are multiple correct entries, the first one to be received by City & State will be the winner.
  • If there are multiple indictments on the same day, there can be multiple contest winners.
  • This contest ends when the next elected official in New York State is indicted. In other words, it could be over tomorrow—or later on today, for that matter. If nobody guesses the indicted elected official correctly, nobody wins. (Just like usual.)
  • Borrero and Pehme reserve the right to wear wires at the dinner.
  • If you have verifiable insider knowledge of an elected official’s pending indictment, do not enter this contest. Contact City & State immediately at We want to break that story!
  • No purchase necessary.

DISCLAIMER: Indicted politicians are innocent until proven guilty—as they so often remind us. Just because elected official are indicted does not mean that they have done anything wrong. In this case, they may be even doing something right, because at least someone might get a free dinner out of the charges brought against them.


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