Winners & Losers 10/09/15

Winners & Losers 10/09/15

Winners & Losers
October 8, 2015

Queens is feeling like a winner with the Mets finally getting back to the postseason, while the Bronx is bummed that the once-mighty Yankees lost their one-game playoff. Check out our latest Winners & Losers list to see who else struck out – and who hit a home run.



John Bartolomei – The veteran, politically-connected defense attorney is again cashing in on what might be the state’s most sex-crazed Assembly district. It was Bartolomei who represented all but one of the six former female staffers who sued former Assemblyman Dennis Gabryszak on allegations of sexual harassment. Now the lawyer’s representing Elias Farah, an ex-staffer of Assemblywoman Angela Wozniak who’s accusing the first-term lawmaker - Gabryszack’s successor in the 143rd District - of sexual harassment. At least someone is benefitting from this mess.

David Dinkins – Beyond City Hall, one of the most recognizable government buildings in New York City is the Manhattan Municipal Building. So it’s a huge honor for the former mayor to have the building named after him – criticism from Republicans and the Post notwithstanding.

Travis Kalanick – Uber may be driving uphill in its battle against New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio, but so far it’s hardly had to hit the brakes. According to the company, the number of Uber drivers in the city has almost doubled, and fare revenue per driver has also increased. This may prod de Blasio to put more pressure on the e-hail company, but given the mayor’s past record, Uber's Kalanick shouldn’t be too worried.

Jeff Klein - The Bronx Democrat’s alliance with state Senate Republicans has made plenty of enemies in his own party, but he’s making plenty of friends back home. Klein secured a whopping $11.7 million in earmarks over a three-year period, much of it for local recreational facilities, and he also raised eyebrows by raking in more than three times as much as the second-place senator, Dean Skelos. The funding also gives new meaning to Klein’s oft-stated goal of reaching across the aisle in Albany and getting things done.

Eric Schneiderman - It’s not every week that New York’s attorney general is a major topic of discussion on ESPN’s SportsCenter. Schneiderman made national headlines this week after launching an inquiry into FanDuel and DraftKings, two of fantasy sports betting’ biggest players. Plus, his office partnered with Facebook to crack down on sex trafficking, fined The Advance Group and sued a Western New York company selling synthetic pot. It’s always a good week in politics when your name is ringing bells from coast to coast.



Preet Bharara – The U.S. attorney for Manhattan has had few setbacks since being sworn in in 2009, but this week marked a major defeat. The U.S. Supreme Court declined to review the case of two hedge fund traders whose convictions were overturned, effectively weakening the hand of prosecutors who had aggressively investigated insider trading. The vast majority of Bharara’s impressive string of insider trading convictions should still stand, but once again the Supreme Court seems to have taken sides against the little guy.

Alain Kaloyeros – Kaloyeros isn’t ready for his closeup. The SUNY Polytechnic president sent a Facebook message to a reporter who had noted his habit of taking selfies, saying, “Ooo … so you’re the one who thinks I act like a teenager … cute.” Kaloyeros then offered a tour of his campus, but warned that he would face “the threat of jail” if he discussed a federal investigation into the Buffalo Billion that he’s overseeing. In the end, Kaloyeros’ office abruptly canceled the tour.

Joel Klein - East Ramapo School Superintendent Joel Klein resigned under press this week, just the latest development in long-running controversy over the embattled school district. Parents have been dissatisfied with Klein and the Orthodox Jewish-dominated school board that has faced accusations of diverting funds from public schools that serve many minority students. Even worse for Klein, he won a hearty applause at a Board of Education meeting when his resignation was announced.

Scott Levenson - Levenson’s Advance Group was a little too hot to trot an anti-horse carriage group’s campaign in tandem with two City Council candidate clients who supported such a ban. This week the firm was hit with $25,800 in penalties by the attorney general’s office and the New York City Campaign Finance Board stemming from an investigation into improper campaign coordination.

Madeline Singas - The acting Nassau County district attorney is down six points in her bid to make the title permanent, according to new poll, and if the figures hold steady the Republicans will be poised to steal Rep. Kathleen Rice’s former office away from the Democrats. Of course, Singas still has time to gain ground, especially with undecided voters, and the race is probably tighter than Republican rival Kate Murray would like, given that most voters already know who Murray is but are still learning about Singas.

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