Expert Opinion: Economic equality in New York

Expert Opinion: Economic equality in New York

Expert Opinion: Economic equality in New York
October 1, 2015

CSEA’s priority in the year ahead is to put our economy into balance. Economic inequality is a problem that plagues New York more than any other state. We must raise wages and make sure people get paid for the work they do for the good of families and our state.

More tax breaks for corporations that don’t need it and lack of accountability in misguided economic development programs are not the answer for a better New York. We need an economy that works for all. Too many New Yorkers don’t receive wages to sustain a family on. We’ve seen retirement security eliminated and we’ve experienced the erosion of the middle class. It hurts our communities and our quality of life. There’s something seriously wrong when too many New Yorkers are working harder than ever and earning less for their effort.

CSEA’s mission as a union is to seek fairness for the people we represent. It is a challenge that we work at every day. We also know that applying fairness more broadly for other working people is good for everyone – and New York’s economy.

CSEA will use every opportunity to build alliances between working people so that we can all have a better future.

Donnie Donohue is President, Civil Service Employees Association

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