We’re crucifying Trump’s allies for what’s business as usual in Albany.
Voters waited in long lines to cast their vote.
New York is disenfranchising its voters. Democrats need to stop it.
Little girl eating a veggie burger
Two proposals to help minimize meat’s carbon footprint.
John Liu had been ensnared in a straw-donor scandal that led to the convictions of his campaign treasurer and fundraiser when he ran for mayor in 2013.
Seattle’s system shows how New York should publicly finance campaigns.
Image of Brooklyn Bridge with Manhattan in background
Bill Awaiting Final Action by Governor Will Create More Even Playing Field Between Contractors and Public Owners.
Department of Investigation Commissioner Mark Peters was fired after an investigation found that he had abused his power, misled the New York City Council and mistreated his employees.
The outrage doesn’t match the facts.
Public Advocate Letitia James and Senator Brad Hoylman rallied at Bryant Park before marching to Trump Tower demanding the President release his taxes.
Subpoena and voting power would grant meaningful oversight ability.
Actor Dick Durock as the Swamp Thing.
The state Legislature has distorted many politicians’ careers, but freshman state senators have choices.
Voters waited in long lines to cast their vote.
To fix New York City’s election mess, Albany needs to create a nonpartisan body.