Podcast: Albany’s budget imbroglio

Another year, another on-time budget for Gov. Andrew Cuomo and the state Legislature (even if it was announced a few minutes past the deadline), complete with two of the governor’s top legislative priorities and a lot of new spending.

City & State Editorial Director Michael Johnson joins Gerson Borrero and me this week to parse some of the fine print of the budget – i.e. the items that lawmakers may have been too tired to read through in the wee hours of Friday morning. Among the questions we attempt to answer – does an “on-time” budget matter? How does the spending plan affect New York City? Is the opaque budget process much ado about nothing?

And later on, Gerson provides our weekly Bochinche & Buzz, with some information on Democratic lawmakers’ hesitance to publicly pressure Cuomo to increase diversity in the state’s workforce.

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