Slant Podcast: Hillary's Quinn-tessential surrogate

William Alatriste

If, like many Americans, you have been glued to your television throughout this presidential campaign, there's at least a decent chance you flipped to CNN and caught Christine Quinn in action, going toe-to-toe with various Donald Trump supporters as one of Hillary Clinton's most visible surrogates. 

After keeping a low profile in the wake of her Democratic mayoral primary loss in 2013, Quinn, the former New York City Council speaker, has resurfaced in the public eye. As the president and CEO of WIN - one of the city's leading nonprofit homeless shelter providers - Quinn has been one of the more vocal homeless advocates, working with both Mayor Bill de Blasio and Gov. Andrew Cuomo to come up with solutions to the crisis.

In her spare time, Quinn, a longtime ally of Hillary Clinton's (Quinn wrote in a recent Vogue essay that she received several calls from Clinton after her primary defeat) has taken to the airwaves to defend her candidacy. You can find her on CNN challenging Republican surrogates on everything from the numerous recent sexual assault allegations against Trump to Trump's remarks about a Gold Star family to Trump calling for Russia to hack Clinton's emails. 

So it was no surprise that Quinn was eager to talk about the national race when she joined us on this week's Slant Podcast. We asked Quinn her thoughts on why the assault allegations against Trump were not the death knell for his campaign that they appeared to be and why Clinton has had a difficult time communicating her platform to voters who might still be on the fence. 

Since homelessness is now her area of expertise, Quinn also weighed in on the tension between the mayor's office and the community of Maspeth, Queens over a proposed new homeless shelter, and whether the city and state is taking the right approach in tackling the homeless crisis. And since her political future is still an intriguing point of discussion among New York political observers, we pressed Quinn on whether another run at City Hall might be in the cards.


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