Commentary: Brittle nature of Latino identity politics shows cracks as political representation falls short, disappoints

Achievements by the state’s Black political establishment has highlighted how Hispanic leaders haven’t made the same progress.


Opinion: Buffalo supermarket shooting highlights need for co-responder models

With the rise in shootings across the country, law enforcement should no longer be the typical response to a mental health crisis.


Bring back the solitary beat cop and put them on each subway

Patrolling train cars and platforms will bring back straphangers and jumpstart our city’s recovery.


Opinion: Is it 1994 again?

History usually repeats itself and recent polling in New York state points to a worsening political climate for Democrats, including Gov. Kathy Hochul.


Editor’s Note: Leave Delgado’s ethnicity alone

Debating what a person thinks about their own ethnic background is offensive.


Opinion: The silent suffering of Asian women

COVID-19 and hate attacks have taken a disproportionate toll on the mental health of Asian women in New York, and it may get worse.


Opinion: New York’s redistricting process is doomed to fail

Here’s why it’s already time to reform the state’s Independent Redistricting Commission.


Opinion: Making the case for a “Freelance isn’t free” law in New York

Legislation would give independent workers a right to a written contract, timely and full payment and protection from retaliation.

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Opinion: The Tulsa-fication of New York and the rest of America

How the 1921 massacre and destruction of the Greenwood community created the paradigm for the current system of mass incarceration and institutionalized economic exclusion and generational poverty of Black and Brown communities.

Editor's Note

Editor’s Note: Delivering on cryptocurrency’s supposed social good

Elected officials need more education about bitcoin before promoting it as a way of benefiting New Yorkers.


Opinion: Can nonprofits help keep the peace in New York City?

The sector can help solve the problem of increased crime, while striking a balance between policing and community safety.


Opinion: Floor area limits are hindering affordable housing development

The state’s Multiple Dwelling Law needs to be fixed by Gov. Kathy Hochul and the state Legislature before the end of the session.


Opinion: NYC faces fiscal disaster if officials think they can do it all

Undisciplined management and a spending spree in Mayor Eric Adams’ upcoming fiscal year 2023 budget will set the city back.


Opinion: Lessons for Adams on homelessness from his mayoral predecessors

Here’s what past mayors did to help the homeless and implement supportive housing policies, some more successfully than others.


Opinion: Combat wage theft to help further New York’s recovery from COVID-19

A coordinated effort must continue as the pandemic subsides to hold unscrupulous contractors accountable.