Podcast: Election post mortem

As Hillary Clinton and the Democratic party lick their wounds from a shocking election night defeat, the United States now has to grapple with the reality of a Donald Trump presidency for the next four years. 

While not an overwhelming favorite, Clinton held a steady lead over Trump in the national polls and slim leads in swing states in the days leading up to the election. What happened on Tuesday defied the odds - not only did Trump win the electoral college, he put a serious dent in the "blue state firewall" by winning states like Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Michigan, albeit by very slim margins. 

In the interest of delivering balanced analysis, we invited two of New York's top political strategists on the Slant Podcast this week - Republican Jessica Proud of the November Team and Basil Smikle, executive director of the state Democratic Party - to parse the results and give their take on what the punditry missed in not taking Trump seriously, why Clinton was unable to excite her base and what the first 100 days of a Trump administration might look like. 


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And stay tuned this week as the Slant Podcast team will be in San Juan, Puerto Rico for the Somos el Futuro conference, bringing you exclusive interviews with a handful of New York City and state elected officials.