SNAP is one program that helps low-income families in New York.
Forcing low-income households to do without savings worsens their economic precarity.
A light pole with a surveillance camera at the World Trade Center.
It would require the NYPD to disclose information about its surveillance tools.
City Council member Ydanis Rodriguez, sponsor of the bill that will allow non-citizens to vote in NYC's municipal elections.
If we want New Yorkers to have true representation, we must extend the right to vote to all who live here, including non-citizens.
Noise levels in New York restaurants are regularly measured at 90 decibels and sometimes higher.
Noise is harming the health of almost everyone in NYC.
Woman on laptop.
Home internet access is crucial for social mobility.
A tenant protesting for affordable housing in 2015.
Outlawing inappropriate evictions would protect renters from unfair practices.
Central Park.
Generating new revenue streams will pay for deferred maintenance.
Teacher sitting with high school students using tablets.
The lack of diversity in specialized high schools is caused by educational inequality, not a test that measures it.
A man attending funeral services for Eric Garner, the Staten Island resident who died while being taken into custody by an NYPD officer in 2014.
Change who prosecutes these cases and the applicable laws.