Gov. Andrew Cuomo smiles and waves in the 2015 New York City Pride.
Gay rights advocates turned a 2009 loss in New York into a victory.
Brownstones in New York City's Greenwich Village area.
Democratic candidates have begun proposing housing affordability plans. Here’s what they get right, get wrong, and can’t do.
Women are perfectly capable of understanding and consenting to pregnancy in all its forms, writes Lindsay Beyerstein.
Women should have the freedom to be surrogates, with protection from exploitation.
Queens Borough President and Queens District Attorney candidate Melinda Katz.
Activists are targeting Assembly Democrats and hoping for a district attorney upset.
Staten Island Ferry passing in front of the Statue of Liberty
The borough is having a moment – culturally, economically and politically.
Email Ramos of High Mi Madre Co-Operative urges legislators to pass recreational marijuana legislation during a news conference at the state Capitol.
Claims range from mostly unproven to wholly unfounded.
The GOP was the go-to ally for landlords and developers. But it’s always more complicated.
New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio at a rally to urge the Board of Elections to implement a robust early voting plan in April.
The press unfairly maligns the mayor and his presidential campaign.
Senator Bernie Sanders began his campaign for a 2020 Presidential nomination with a rally at Brooklyn College in March, 2019.
U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders is the most New York candidate for president.
Flanagan at a press conference outside of his office on May 7 where he blasted a democratic bill to allow felons who serve their sentences to be on juries.
The top state Senate Republican didn’t have enough time to cement his power.