Anthony "Carlos Danger" Weiner isn't the only pol with a secret identity

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Anthony Weiner
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Politicians love the limelight. But every once in a while, the public nature of the position puts too much pressure on them and they just want to hide their identity. And when they want to go incognito, a good alias is just the trick – at least until it’s exposed.

Anthony Weiner

Carlos Danger

Anthony Weiner used this alter ego while exchanging sexually explicit messages with women online, behavior that forced him to resign from Congress and undermined his comeback mayoral bid. We don’t know about the “Carlos” part, but he has certainly proven to be a “Danger” to himself and his family – and now, to presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.


John Barron & John Miller

John Barron & John Miller

Donald Trump didn’t exactly use these fake names to hide from the press – instead, he used them to impersonate company spokesmen with reporters during the 1980s and 1990s. We just wonder which one a President Trump would hire as White House communications director – John Barron or John Miller.


Chelsea Clinton

Diane Reynolds

Chelsea Clinton didn’t choose to have a father who served as president and a mother who would go on to run for president twice. So we can’t blame the first daughter for using the name Diane Reynolds to check into hotels and, as a recent WikiLeaks dump showed, while sending and receiving emails with her mother.


Joe Percoco


Joe Percoco, who until recently was the governor’s right-hand man, and Todd Howe, a lobbyist, frequently referred to each other as “Herb” in email exchanges included as evidence in a criminal complaint against them and several others. The nickname is reportedly a reference to former gubernatorial candidate Herb London.


Eliot Spitzer

George Fox

Eliot Spitzer was more widely known as “Client 9,” a term used by law enforcement officials who investigated his solicitation of a prostitute. But the name Spitzer used when he checked into a Washington, D.C., hotel for his infamous rendezvous was George Fox, which also happened to be the name of a good friend and donor.


David Greenfield

Dov Gordon

New York City Councilman David Greenfield was behind at least some of the Yeshiva World News columns written by the mysterious Dov Gordon, multiple sources told City & State in 2013. Greenfield’s office strongly denied the allegation, but Gordon did have a penchant for writing favorably about the councilman – and somehow was not available for comment.