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Some New York leaders question the decision to hold Somos in San Juan despite hurricane damage

Many have lauded the decision by the Assembly Puerto Rican/Hispanic Task Force to proceed with the Somos el Futuro 2017 fall conference in San Juan, Puerto Rico, which will be focused on the challenges that Puerto Rico faces after the devastation by Hurricane Maria. However, there are a few, with particularly targeted political agendas, who are questioning whether they should attend. A bochinchero among the wannabe New York City Council speaker candidates confided that he wasn’t sure it would be “worth his time” and asked my opinion as to whether he should attend or not since “this isn’t going to be like the regular gathering.”

A top Democratic Party leader made a similar inquiry. I won’t reveal the exact response, but it did include, “What the fuck is wrong with you?” Let the record show that I will be sure to take attendance of all those who are still in the running for speaker on Nov. 9. I’m also going to check that all five Democratic Party county leaders say presente and participate “In Action Somos the Solution.” Veremos who really wants to have Latino support or who the tontos are.

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DOI talking to gente in DCAS probe of fired attorney

Bochincheros tell us that investigators at the New York City Department of Investigation have begun talking to people with knowledge of the firing of Ricardo Morales from his role as deputy commissioner of the Department of Citywide Administrative Services. “They’re dragging their asses on this to protect de Blasio during his re-election period,” said one of the bochincheros. The case involves businessman Harendra Singh, who allegedly used his donor status with de Blasio to gain favor in a multimillion-dólares squabble with DCAS. A seasoned lawyer familiar with the case, which de Blasio’s senior political aide Emma Wolfe is involved with, told me: “This case will not be resolved until after de Blasio finishes his second term.” I’m told that only a handful of people have been questioned.

GOP NYC hope fading rápido

With or without her boxing gloves, Nicole Malliotakis isn’t turning out to be the New York City mayoral candidate that some veterans in the GOP were thinking the assemblymujer would be. “We didn’t need her punching a bag in a commercial. We need Nicole to make de Blasio break into a sweat,” a top Republican told B&B, as he lamented the elusive GOP hope of making a dent in the November general election. The thinking was that the Republican mayoral candidate could make a strong enough showing in the polls that would serve as a base for the GOP gubernatorial nominee that will run against Gov. Andrew Cuomo next year. “She’s really turned into a dud. And really doesn’t listen. So, we’ve sort of stepped aside,” said the disgruntled Republican. I argued that Nicole could still catch on and make a good showing. “The turnout in the general will probably be among the lowest ever in the city’s history,” the GOP loyalist said. Bill and Andrew must be loving this – separately, of course.

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Nada is saving Félix

The pregunta isn’t whether Assemblyman Félix Ortiz gets a challenger next year in a primary. The question is can the Democrats keep it to one opponent that takes on the entrenched incumbent in Brooklyn’s 51st Assembly District. “We know he’s vulnerable after the whipping Menchaca gave him,” said a Brooklyn activist, referring to Ortiz’s recent defeat challenging New York City Councilman Carlos Menchaca in the Sept. 12 Democratic primary. What B&B has been told is that while there was talk of two strong contenders, now the thinking is “let’s concentrate on picking one that can retire Ortiz.” While Menchaca is involved in helping choose who primaries Ortiz, it will be Rep. Nydia Velázquez whose opinion will count the most in picking the challenger to the veteran lawmaker, who was first elected in November 1994. Sounds like a good pelea already. 

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