New York City Council

Listen up, rookies: Meet the boss

“The guy runs a tight ship and he has the staff jumping,” said one of the 10 newly elected members of the New York City Council who was in the room. He was referring to Ramón Martinez, who runs the speaker’s office as chief of staff to City Council Speaker Melissa Mark-Viverito, and his two-day orientation sessions for newly elected council members that were held from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Tuesday and Wednesday last week.

“It was all business, and quite frankly, I learned a lot,” said another rookie bochinchero. A veteran council member opined that “that was Ramón letting them know that if they want to get shit done, it’s got to be his way or no way.” This veteran político is not a fan of the man with the real power at City Hall.

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Another council member who has tangled with Martinez said, “These rookies better learn quickly that they are the elected, but it’s fucking Ramón that either gives priority to the projects for your district or they go to the bottom of the pile or into a drawer.” And yet the novice legislators that B&B spoke to seemed to appreciate the two-day session. “I sat very attentive. I was disciplined and I listened,” said one who didn’t know Ramón.

A bochinchero who has a very low opinion of Ramón said: “The guy knows how this city works. The problem is that he is beholden to Joe Crowley and the Queens County Democratic organization. If the guy did things for the right reasons and not politics, he would be even better.”

OK. Let’s see if the new speaker keeps him or lets him run the office just as the current speaker has. Bets anyone?