Could this ‘Felo’ replace Fariña?

Whether New York City Schools Chancellor Carmen Fariña retires on her own – as has been the buzz that her family wants her to do – or she’s shown the door by the mayor, change is coming to the city Department of Education. Insider bochincheros are buzzing that topping the list of personas being considered is Félix V. Matos Rodríguez, aka “Felo” to his family and close amigos.

AGENCY FOCUS: New York State Department of Education

Felo is currently the president of Queens College. The first two bochincheros that knew of the buzz are veterans of municipal government and they agreed that Felo “would be a perfect fit as chancellor for this administration and the challenges in the next four years.”

That optimism wasn’t shared by another bochinchero who thinks “Felo doesn’t need this.” However, the doubting bochinchero did agree that Matos Rodríguez is an able administrator and has the résumé and type of personality that would make him a top contender as the next chancellor for New York City’s public school system.