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Matos Rodríguez: ‘Our objective is to have campuses free of hate’

The City University of New York chancellor discussed what comes next after a spring of protests and how he’s working to boost enrollment.


Tracking campus protests in New York

The “Gaza solidarity encampment” at Columbia university inspired similar pro-Palestinian demonstrations at campuses across the country. Here’s where they are in New York.


City Council, Adams admin spar over early childhood education cuts

The program is more popular than ever – and it’s facing a $170 million budget reduction.



Adams administration abandoned school desegregation measures, NYU report finds

The report found that Mayor Eric Adams has reversed many of his predecessor’s policies aimed at racial integration of public schools.

Albany Agenda

SUNY chancellor John King talks budget wins and campus protests

The head of the state’s public university system discussed the police response to pro-Palestinian protest encampments and the fate of SUNY Downstate.


More than two-thirds of protesters arrested at Columbia and City College released with summonses

The majority of protesters have been released with summonses, but Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg is charging 46 Columbia protesters with trespassing and 22 City College protesters with burglary.

Albany Agenda

Here’s what New York elected officials are saying about the Columbia University protests

Progressives have criticized the school for bringing in the NYPD to clear the encampment, while Republicans have called for the National Guard.

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Nearly 30,000 students shut out of city’s popular summer school program

Roughly 138,000 families applied for just 110,000 slots in the program, and funding shortfalls threaten to shrink the program.


NYC commits $500 million for at-risk education programs

The funding will cover half the $1 billion hole left by expiring federal aid.


Will New York start requiring students to fill out the FAFSA form?

Some state lawmakers say it’ll help more low-income students attend college.

New York State

Going down the mayoral control study rabbit hole

The state Education Department’s big report recommends a commission to evaluate mayoral control of New York City schools.

New York State

Hochul: Major Foundation Aid changes off the table for now in Albany

The governor said that by this time next year, the state will have a new formula to give schools enough time to prepare.

New York City

Funding set to expire for coordinators who help NYC’s homeless children

Having shelter-based assistance has aided families as they navigate the city’s school system.


Even before Hochul proposed cuts, many school NY districts were struggling

COVID-19-related federal aid is running out, and tax revenues were also impacted by the pandemic.

News & Politics

Manhattan parent board’s anti-trans vote complicates debate over mayoral control of public schools

Progressives want to give greater control of public schools to parents – just not these parents.