Weiner could run again

The way Anthony Weiner was saying adiós to a select group of amigos and supporters the day before he reported to prison at Federal Medical Center Devens had at least one bochinchero thinking that he may run for office again someday.

“In his mind, he’s still a candidate for something down the road. Hey, you never know,” said the insider bochinchero. We checked with two other bochincheros familiar with the mentality and psyche of pols who do prison time. “Look, given all the stories coming out about perverts in Hollywood, Weiner sexting with a minor could eventually be seen as inoffensive.”

You’ve got to be fucking kidding me! Not according to one political consultant, who said, “There’s bound to be a few (Roy) Moore-types among the pols and Weiner’s compulsion could pale next to them.” I guess we’ll have to wait until inmate No. 79112-054 is released in May 2019 and then see how he does with his three-year supervised release.

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