On Sneaker Day, Albany kicks back

Marking the second annual celebration of casual footwear at the state Capitol.

State Sen. Zellnor Myrie wore Sabrina 1s.

State Sen. Zellnor Myrie wore Sabrina 1s. Rebecca C. Lewis

Every legislative session can feel like a long slog through the first six months of the year. There’s so much business that has to be done, and there’s always a crunch to get everything wrapped up in June. Sneaker Day, which was started last year in the Capitol, can be a way for state lawmakers to have fun toward the end of the session. On Monday, June 3, legislators sported their crispiest kicks, everyday running shoes and longtime beater sneakers.

Assembly Member Jessica González-Rojas

“These sneakers belong to my son, and he’s growing so quickly he outgrew them. And now they fit me. … I bring a little piece of my child to Albany.”

State Sen. Jabari Brisport

“I needed some cool vegan sneakers, and these New Balances are it.”

State Sen. Kevin Thomas

“New York state flag colors. My last week, so I want to represent.”

Assembly Member Jonathan Rivera

“These are my first pair of Air Force 1s. … They’re custom made. This Sunday is the Puerto Rican Day Parade in New York City and I’m walking in it, so that’s why I brought them.”

State Sen. Jamaal Bailey

“These are Jackie Robinson and Jackie Robinson is a hero of mine. Commemorating not just Jackie Robinson day, which is April 15 of every year, his number 42 is significant. I’ll be 42 years old this year, kind of a play on my age and just a reminder – because he’s my grandfather’s favorite ballplayer.”

Assembly Member Steven Raga

“These ones are the Kawhi Leonard’s New Money and this is my first term, so I still identify with the new incomer role here.”

State Sen. Zellnor Myrie

“I have on the Sabrina 1s. As some of you may know, the New York Liberty is one of the best basketball teams in the entire WNBA. We have an incredible moment for women’s basketball at this time, and I thought it was appropriate to not only boost our local basketball team, but to boost our local superstar.”

State Sen. Lea Webb

“It matched my outfit perfectly and also it’s a way to support Sneaker Day. So it’s a great way to still be business but also chic at the same time. And casual.”

State Sen. Jessica Ramos

“These are some of my favorite sneakers. They’re J 1 Dark Mochas. I’ve had them for a little while now. And I love how they match a lot. I love how they match the standard New Yorker’s uniform: Black.”

State Sen. Liz Krueger

“Last year, I got a little bit shoe-shamed for not wearing sneakers. So I made sure I had colorful sneakers to wear today.”

State Sen. Michelle Hinchey

“They’re versatile. And actually, if you look at them, the theme of the sneakers was ‘united in victory.’ That’s what this design is … and I thought that that was a good statement for our conference for the end of session.”

State Sen. Andrew Gounardes

“I have two pairs of sneakers, one running shoes and one everyday. These are the everyday ones.”

State Sen. Pete Harkham

“They’re comfy. I went to the running store, I said I wanted something with the most cushion and most arch support. She said, how many miles a week (do) you run? I said none. I said I stand on marble floors all day, and these are what she gave me.”

State Sen. Brad Hoylman-Sigal

“They’re very comfortable. And they’re dark blue so they blend in with the suit. … I don’t necessarily subscribe to vegan, but there’s some novelty to it.”

Assembly Member Catalina Cruz

“I love sales. I got them at the outlets for $22, and these are like $170-something or $160-something sneakers. … They were having some crazy back to school sale. It was like discount on top of discount. Plus they were cute – and comfortable.”

Assembly Member Tony Simone

“These are comfy and, I don’t know, brings out my green eyes?”

Assembly Member Al Taylor

“God forgive me, vainness. They’re black and white, they go with the gray. … These are just a flash that I could wear today, but if I’m going to put in some real walking, this is not the shoe. This is a profile shoe.”

Assembly Member Jenifer Rajkumar

“These are my trusted sneakers. I run miles in these sneakers through my district. And so these were the sneakers that I had to wear on Sneaker Day. I’m working on red sneakers, Jamaal Bailey is recommending a good pair for me.”