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Albany Agenda

A growing number of current and former NY lawmakers are running for Congress

In 2022, Democrats trying to jump from the state Legislature to the House lost. Republicans had better luck.

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As lawmakers prepare for Somos, how is Hochul’s relationship with Puerto Rico?

The governor hasn’t had much of a chance to make connections of her own, and lawmakers and experts have ideas for how she can go beyond the status quo.

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At convention, NY GOP awkwardly backs both Trump and Ukraine

Party Chair Nick Langworthy likened Ukraine’s civilian resistance to the GOP’s struggle, while he invoked a Putin-friendly former president.

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Long Island takes center stage at GOP state convention

The GOP playbook this fall depends on replicating their 2021 success in races in Nassau and Suffolk counties.


New York congressional redistricting is the ultimate Rorschach test

Albany Democrats have been very artful with the shapes of new districts across the Empire State.

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Kathy Hochul’s Penn Station plan faces another roadblock

The city planning commission is the latest group to cast doubt on the governor’s revised proposal.

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How a Republican lawsuit against Democrat-led redistricting could play out in court

The lawsuit will likely hinge on a 2014 constitutional amendment aimed at preventing partisan gerrymandering.


How will new legislative districts impact New York’s DSA?

It’s a mixed bag for democratic socialists running to be in the state Legislature.

New York State

The voice of the once-powerful New York GOP continues to fade

Assembly lawmakers limited debate speaking time, further restricting Republican opportunity for obstruction.

Health Care

How New York could cover its 1 million uninsured residents

A new report models several options – other than the New York Health Act – that the state could take to expand health care access.

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An oxymoronic Albany debut for Nassau County Executive Bruce Blakeman

The mandate scofflaw starred at a law-and-order rally hosted by Republican state lawmakers.

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QUIZ: How well do you know Kathy Hochul’s administration?

Which one is a former reality TV star? Which one helped keep state Senate Republicans in power?

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Where the electoral map could really change in 2022

Ongoing hearings are highlighting where the Independent Redistricting Commission could undo existing gerrymanders.

New York State

A timeline of Cuomo’s fight for political survival

It’s been a heck of a few months in state politics since a fateful Feb. 10 meeting between the governor’s aides and state lawmakers.

News & Politics

Why Cuomo and Adams need each other

The governor and the probable next mayor of New York City seem interested in maintaining an alliance. We’ll see how long it will last.

Energy & Environment

New York has a long road ahead to meet its climate goals

A new report from NYPIRG lays out where the state is now, and what still needs to happen to hit its climate benchmarks.