Andrew Cuomo

The politics of Cuomo's State of the State, in 2018 and beyond

Philip Kamrass/Office of the Governor

Gov. Andrew Cuomo's 2018 State of the State address recapped the top progressive policy achievements during the governor's two terms in office, and laid out additional priorities that he hopes to add to his record ahead of his bid for a third term later this year. 

But while the governor didn't say anything about a potential run for president that many expect him to make in 2020, his policy agenda could serve him well not only in New York this year, but on the national stage in two years. 

"The issues that he's talking about appeal to Democratic presidential primary voters: same-sex marriage, paid family leave, minimum wage, renewable energy sources, all of those issues," said Steve Greenberg, the longtime pollster and former top staffer in Albany. "Those play to Democratic presidential primary voters."

Greenberg, who joined the Slant podcast in Albany after Cuomo's speech on Wednesday, also weighed in on several specific proposals, including the governor's call for some kind of congestion pricing and his emphasis on bail reform, and why he's waiting for the governor's budget proposal due later this month to assess what the 2018 session truly holds. 

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