Cox Back Tracks On Astorino Run

Two days after saying that Westchester County Executive Rob Astorino would run for governor, state Republican Committee Chairman Ed Cox would only say that Astorino would be a good candidate, declining to reiterate the same remarks he made to <em>The Buffalo News</em> on Monday.

“Some candidates have an extra special X-factor or whatever it is. He’s got it,” Cox said following the State of the State addressWednesday. “That’s why he’s going to be an outstanding candidate for governor.”

A story on Monday quoted Cox as saying, “Rob Astorino is running.”

Astorino then said Tuesday he had not decided whether he will run for governor. He is considered the strongest and most likely Republican candidate for governor, although he faces an uphill battle in a largely blue state. Still, Cox seemed optimistic about an Astorino run despite a heavy Democrat advantage.

“He’s a superb political leader who’s done a great job in Westchester County,” Cox said. “He’s been elected in a 2-to-1 Democratic county. Of course New York state is 2-to-1 Democratic also. (Westchester County) is one of the most socially liberal counties in New York State.”