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Top Trump source on secretary of state says “Rudy’s got it”


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“Yeah, Rudy's got it.”

A well-connected Republican insider has assured Bochinche & Buzz that former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani will be President-elect Donald Trump's pick for secretary of state. In fact, the Deep Throat bochinchero tells B&B that close Trump aides are already making calls to line up Rudy's top staff at the State Department.

The source also assured us that Giuliani has already been offered the post and that he has accepted. The one condition of that deal was that Giuliani has to lay low until Trump plays out a few moves with Mitt Romney.

“If there’s still someone special in the Republican ranks, it’s Romney,” according to the source who said Trump has made his meetings with the 2012 presidential nominee somewhat of a spectacle for the party.

B&B spoke to two other sources about the buzz, backing up the story.

And while our Deep Throat bochinchero couldn’t give us an exact date for the announcement, he was adamant that it’ll be soon.

We’ll have more in our Bochinche & Buzz column in Monday’s magazine, along with other insider info on Trumplandia.