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Lori Lightfoot lost reelection. Should Eric Adams be worried?

The mayor of New York City is – for now – in a safe position ahead of 2025.

Campaigns & Elections

Could public campaign finance unlaunch in New York?

As behind-the-scenes budget conversations continue, rumor has it the campaign reform might be in danger of being reversed.

Campaigns & Elections

The New Majority NYC endorses 27 women for City Council, including four non-incumbents

The group formerly known as 21 in ‘21 hopes to keep the New York City Council majority women.

Campaigns & Elections

Who might be eyeing George Santos’ congressional seat?

Whether an election comes in 2024 or sooner, all eyes are on the 3rd Congressional District, amid Santos’ many scandals. So we looked at some of the prominent possible contenders.

Campaigns & Elections

Council race in new majority Asian American district heats up

New York City’s redistricting process created a new majority Asian American district in Brooklyn, and three first-time candidates are off to the races already.

Campaigns & Elections

Ari Kagan and Justin Brannan are off to the Coney Island races

New York City Council Member Ari Kagan switched parties to Republican, which could set up 2023 a general election showdown between incumbents.

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Campaigns & Elections

New Yorkers go to the polls today. Here’s what you need to know

Voters will choose a governor, a state Legislature and a 26-member delegation that could tip the balance in Congress.

New York City

After hammering bail reform for a year, Eric Adams hits the campaign trail

The New York City mayor plans to attend a get out the vote rally the weekend before Election Day, but some suggest his focus on crime has played into Zeldin’s strategy.


Opinion: Governor’s race now a nailbiter

A deep analysis of recent polling shows momentum seems on the side of Republicans, not Democrats, both across New York State and the country.

2022 congressional primaries

NY-19 – or the one where Marc Molinaro doesn’t have it in the bag

The Republican county exec initially had reason for optimism to prevail over newcomer Josh Riley. That’s changed.