New York State

2022 New York state legislative general election results

After a chaotic redistricting process, Republicans have their sights set on gaining seats in the Democratic-controlled state Legislature.

Jack Martins and state Sen. Anna Kaplan are one of the marquee state Senate races to watch on Long Island.

Jack Martins and state Sen. Anna Kaplan are one of the marquee state Senate races to watch on Long Island. Jack Martins Campaign; Matt Roth

This post is updated as of Nov. 16.

The elections this year were in some ways a rude awakening for Democrats in the state Legislature. Votes are still being counted, but Democrats in the state Senate will likely lose the supermajority they gained in 2020. Republican candidates have largely campaigned on inflation and crime – the top two issues for most voters heading to the polls.

After a chaotic redistricting process that led to a court-appointed special master redrawing new state Senate maps, Republicans are in a comparatively better position than they would have been with maps proposed by Democrats. Long Island was a key battleground where Republicans picked up two state Senate seats. 

Democratic state Sens. Elijah Reichlin-Melnick in the Hudson Valley, Anna Kaplan on Long Island and Assembly Member Peter Abbate Jr. in Brooklyn ultimately lost to their Republican challengers by close margins. Meanwhile, some competitive races have yet to be called. In state Senate District 17, Iwen Chu holds a tight margin over her Republican challenger Vito LaBella, and in Assembly District 23, Democratic Assembly Member Stacey Pheffer Amato is also trailing behind her Republican challenger Tom Sullivan and calling for a recount.

These Democratic candidates have been declared winners in the following state Senate races: Kevin Thomas (6), James Sanders Jr. (10), Toby Ann Stavisky (11), Michael Gianaris (12), Jessica Ramos (13), Leroy Comrie (14), Joseph Addabbo (15),  John Liu (16), Julia Salazar (18), Roxanne Persaud (19), Zellnor Myrie (20), Kevin Parker (21), Simcha Felder (22), Jabari Brisport (25), Andrew Gounardes (26), Brian Kavanagh (27), Liz Krueger (28), José M. Serrano (29), Cordell Cleare (30), Robert Jackson (31), Luis Sepúlveda (32), Gustavo Rivera (33), Nathalia Fernandez (34), Andrea Stewart-Cousins (35), Jamaal Bailey (36), Shelley Mayer (37), Neil Breslin (46), Brad Hoylman (47), Rachel May (48), Samra Brouk (55), Kristen Gonzalez (59), Sean Ryan (61), Timothy Kennedy (63).

These Republican candidates have been declared as winners in the following state Senate races: Dean Murray (3), Alexis Weik (8), Andrew Lanza (24), Dan Stec (45), Mark Walczyk (49), Peter Oberacker (51), Joseph Griffo (53), Pamela Helming (54), George Borrello (57), Thomas O’Mara (58), Patrick Gallivan (60), Robert Ortt (62).

For third-party abbreviations below, WFP is the Working Families Party, CON is the Conservative Party, IND is the Independence Party and MFP is the Medical Freedom Party.

State Senate

1st District

Suffolk County

Incumbent: Anthony Palumbo (R)

Anthony Palumbo (R, CON): 54.83%

Skyler Johnson (D, WFP): 42.30%

With 211 of 211 election districts reported

2nd District

Suffolk County

Incumbent: Mario Mattera (R)

Mario Mattera (R, CON): 56.66%

Susan Berland (D, WFP): 40.85%

With 270 of 270 election districts reported

4th District

Suffolk County

Incumbent: Vacant, Republican Phil Boyle retired on Oct. 21

Monica Martinez (D, WFP): 49.18%

Wendy Rodriguez (R, CON): 46.85%

With 201 of 201 election districts reported

5th District

Nassau County

Incumbent: John Brooks (D)

Steven Rhoads (R, CON): 58.94%

John Brooks (D, WFP): 37.95%

With 257 of 257 election districts reported

7th District

Nassau County

Incumbent: Anna Kaplan (D)

Jack Martins (R, CON): 51.92%

Anna Kaplan (D, WFP): 45.51%

With 264 of 264 election districts reported

9th District

Nassau County

Incumbent: Vacant, Todd Kaminsky (D) resigned on July 29

Patricia M. Canzoneri-Fitzpatrick (R, CON): 53.89%

Kenneth Moore (D, WFP): 42.05%

With 246 of 246 election districts reported

17th District

Bensonhurst, Bay Ridge and Sunset Park, Brooklyn


Iwen Chu (D, WFP): 48.30%

Vito LaBella (R, CON): 47.70%

With 123 of 123 election districts reported

23rd District

North Shore of Staten Island and Coney Island, Brooklyn

Incumbent: Diane Savino (D), who is not seeking reelection

Jessica Scarcella-Spanton (D): 49.01%

Joseph Tirone (R, CON): 46.38%

With 162 of 162 election districts reported

38th District

Rockland County

Incumbent: Elijah Reichlin-Melnick (D)

Bill Weber (R, CON): 49.29%

Elijah Reichlin-Melnick (D, WFP): 45.81%

With 286 of 286 election districts reported

39th District

Hudson Valley

Incumbent: James Skoufis (D) running in the 42nd District

Rob Rolison (R): 51.30%

Julie Shiroishi (D, WFP): 44.84%

With 261 of 261 election districts reported

40th District

Westchester, Putnam and Rockland counties

Incumbent: Pete Harckham (D)

Pete Harckham (D, WFP): 51.11%

Gina Arena (R): 44.70%

With 355 of 355 election districts reported

41st District

Hudson Valley

Incumbents: Sue Serino (R), Michelle Hinchey (D), who were redistricted into the same seat

Michelle Hinchey (D, WFP): 51.63%

Sue Serino (R, CON, IND): 46.94%

With 297 of 297 election districts reported

42nd District

Orange County

Incumbent: James Skoufis (D)

James Skoufis (D, WFP): 48.94%

Dorey Houle (R, CON): 47.76%

With 275 of 275 election districts reported

43rd District

Rensselaer, Washington and Albany counties

Incumbent: Daphne Jordan (R), who dropped out due to redistricting

Jake Ashby (R, CON): 51.19%

Andrea Smyth (D, WFP): 45.65%

With 255 of 255 election districts reported

44th District

Saratoga and Schenectady counties

Incumbent: James Tedisco (R)

James Tedisco (R, CON): 55.41%

Michelle Ostrelich (D, WFP): 42.36%

With 248 of 248 election districts reported

50th District

Onondaga and Oswego counties

Incumbent: John Mannion (D)

Rebecca Shiroff (R, CON): 49.29%

John Mannion (D, WFP): 48.97%

With 289 of 289 election districts reported

52nd District

Tompkins, Cortland and Broome counties

Incumbent: Fred Akshar (R), running for Broome County sheriff

Lea Webb (D, WFP): 49.81%

Richard David (R, CON): 48.42%

With 222 of 222 election districts reported

56th District

Monroe County

Incumbent: Jeremy Cooney (D)

Jeremy Cooney (D, WFP): 52.73%

Jim VanBrederode (R, CON, IND): 44.95%

With 340 of 340 election districts reported


District 15

Northeastern Nassau County

Incumbent: Michael Montesano (R), who is running for Nassau County District Court judge

Jake Blumencranz (R, CON): 55.46%

Amanda Field (D): 40.34%

With 112 of 112 election districts reported

District 21

Malverne, Lynbrook and Rockville Centre, Nassau County

Incumbent: Judy Griffin (D)

Brian Curran (R, CON): 48.82%

Judy Griffin (D): 48.35%

With 117 of 117 election districts reported

District 23

Howard Beach and Rockaway, Queens

Incumbent: Stacey Pheffer Amato (D)

Tom Sullivan (R, CON): 49.24%

Stacey Pheffer Amato (D): 48.44%

With 105 of 105 election districts reported

District 30

Elmhurst and Woodside, Queens

Incumbent: Brian Barnwell (D), who is not seeking reelection

Steven Raga (D): 54.55%

Sean Lally (R, MFP): 39.63%

With 70 of 70 election districts reported

District 45

Gravesend and Brighton Beach, Brooklyn

Incumbent: Steven Cymbrowitz (D)

Michael Novakhov (R, CON): 58.20%

Steven Cymbrowitz (D, IND): 38.25%

With 54 of 54 election districts reported

District 46

Bay Ridge, Fort Hamilton and Coney Island, Brooklyn

Incumbent: Mathylde Frontus (D)

Alec Brook-Krasny (R, CON): 49.11%

Mathylde Frontus (D, WFP): 46.32%

With 76 of 76 election districts reported

District 49

Dyker Heights, Bath Beach, Bensonhurst and Borough Park, Brooklyn

Incumbent: Peter Abbate Jr. (D)

Lester Chang (R, CON): 50.29%

Peter Abbate Jr. (D): 45.61%

With 52 of 52 election districts reported

District 63

Mid-Island, Staten Island

Incumbent: Michael Cusick (D), who is not seeking reelection

Sam Pirozzolo (R, CON): 53.54%

Vincent Argenziano (D, I): 44.22%

With 77 of 77 election districts reported

District 73

Upper East Side, Manhattan

Incumbent: Dan Quart (D), who is not seeking reelection

Alex Bores (D, WFP): 71.08%

David Casavis (R): 25.10%

With 71 of 71 election districts reported

District 90


Incumbent: Nader Sayegh (D)

Nader Sayegh (D, Fair Deal): 50.14%

Michael Breen (R, CON): 44.95%

With 165 of 166 election districts reported

District 97

Rockland County

Incumbent: Mike Lawler (R), who is running for Congress in the 17th District

John McGowan (R, CON): 61.35%

Eudson Tyson Francois (D): 30.33%

With 106 of 106 election districts reported

District 99

Orange and Rockland counties

Incumbent: Colin Schmitt (R), who is running for Congress in the 18th District

Christopher Eachus (D): 47.41%

Kathryn Luciani (R, CON): 47.55%

With 100 of 100 election districts reported

District 113

Saratoga, Warren and Washington counties

Incumbent: Carrie Woerner (D)

Carrie Woerner (D): 51.90%

David Catalfamo (R, CON): 46.20%

With 110 of 110 election districts reported

District 135

East Rochester and Pittsford

Incumbent: Jennifer Lunsford (D)

Jennifer Lunsford (D, WFP): 54.41%

Joseph Chenelly (R, CON): 44.10%

With 148 of 148 election districts reported