New York State’s Top 50 Lobbyists

The government relations firms that earned the most lobbying in the state in 2019.

The Alfred E. Smith State Office Building in Albany.

The Alfred E. Smith State Office Building in Albany. Mike Groll/ Office of Governor Andrew M. Cuomo

Each year, the state Joint Commission on Public Ethics unveils the state’s top 10 lobbyists, based on total lobbying compensation during the previous calendar year. Kasirer has topped the list in the last few cycles, followed by Brown & Weinraub and Bolton-St. Johns, then such mainstays as Greenberg Traurig, Ostroff Associates, Capalino and Hinman Straub.

But City & State wanted to discover the other firms who hadn’t cracked the top 10 – who may have a lower profile but nonetheless influence state policy on behalf of many A-list clients. So we made the calculations to produce an expanded list: New York State’s Top 50 Lobbyists.

Like JCOPE’s official top 10, our list is based solely on what the state defines as lobbying compensation – and it excludes income for other services, such as communications and campaign consulting. We also excluded any entities who reported lobbying solely on their own behalf – which changed the list slightly, with the Greater New York Hospital Association removed from the top 50 on that basis.

We then reached out to each firm to request a few basic details, including confirmation of their 2019 lobbying compensation and responses to one or more questions. The responses have been edited for length and clarity. For any firms that didn’t answer us, we filled in the gaps with details from public filings.

We’re pleased to present New York’s Top 50 Lobbyists.

1. Kasirer

Suri Kasirer
Yvonne Albinowski
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Julie Greenberg
Don Pollard
Jennifer Rivera
Don Pollard





Suri Kasirer, President

Julie Greenberg, Executive Vice President

Compensation: $14,333,412

Other key employees: Jovia Radix, Jennifer Rivera

Notable clients: Citymeals on Wheels, Clear Channel, Delta, Hotel Association of New York City, Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts, Motion Picture Association, New York State Ironworkers, SL Green, NBCUniversal, Target

The COVID-19 pandemic, the Black Lives Matter movement and the presidential election have all made 2020 an atypical year. How has your firm adapted?

We’ve advised clients on interpreting the political headwinds and public conversations on health and racial justice, and responding authentically. We’ve connected business leaders with nonprofits to hand deliver PPE and hot meals in hard-hit communities, and facilitated supply donations to hospitals. We’ve also organized webinars highlighting Black elected officials, covering urgent topics like health outcomes in communities of color.

Any new developments at your firm?

Despite a crisis budget, we negotiated over $41 million in funding for our nonprofit clients that keep New Yorkers healthy and inspired. In response to the pandemic, we worked with Delos to secure a contract for 30,000 air filtration units in New York City schools, and in partnership with Relief Opportunities for All Restaurants, we ensured provisions for safe restaurant reopenings. With our guidance, Target opened three new stores during the pandemic, and we connected $1 million in donations from the company to local food banks. We also welcomed a new addition to the skyline with the ribbon-cutting of SL Green’s One Vanderbilt, where we were involved from the five-year East Midtown Rezoning process, to the negotiation of $220 million in transit and public space improvements at Grand Central Terminal.

What’s on the horizon for your firm in 2021? 

We’re already working with clients to shape policy priorities for incoming leadership as we face a sea change with mayoral, comptroller, four borough presidents, and 34 City Council seats on the June primary ballot. We’re monitoring candidates’ platforms in real time so our clients are forming the right relationships now, and poised to succeed before the next Election Day.

2. Brown & Weinraub

David Weinraub
Timothy Raab & Northern Photo

David Weinraub, Managing Partner

Compensation: $13,380,592

Other key employees: Carolyn Kerr, Alex Betke, Michael Cassidy, Patrick Lespinasse, Sabrina Shulman 

Notable clients: New York State Broadcasters Association, Healthcare Association of New York State, Commission on Independent Colleges and Universities in New York State, Google, Orsted Wind Power North America, Parsons Construction Group, UnitedHealthCare

The COVID-19 pandemic, the Black Lives Matter movement and the presidential election have all made 2020 an atypical year. How has your firm adapted? 

Brown & Weinraub’s team effectively adapted to working remotely, while ensuring our clients were well informed about developments in state government, maintaining full staffing, advancing important legislative and regulatory agendas and gaining new clients. We helped connect clients with government to find solutions to challenges caused by the pandemic, such as processing the deluge of unemployment applications. At the same time, we made business-to-business connections including between Voyce and health care clients needing translation services. We continued to support organizations promoting social justice and opportunities for young people of color including “Collegiate Scholars of Tomorrow” coordinated by our client Albany Medical Center and the George Biddle Kelley Education Foundation of the Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity of Albany, as well as the Real Estate Board of New York’s internship program in commercial real estate which seeks to increase diversity in the sector. In 2021 we will employ an intern through the Albany County Bar Association’s diversity internship program. 

Any new developments at your firm?

During the presidential election, co-founder Pat Brown offered his legal expertise at the polls in Pennsylvania. In October the firm relocated to new offices in a newly renovated historic building in Albany, positioning us to welcome additional lobbyists over the next several months. 

What’s on the horizon for your firm in 2021?

Our outlook for 2021 involves continued growth for the firm and the hope for increasing unity, greater social justice and better health. 

3. Bolton-St. Johns

Emily Giske and Giorgio DeRosa
Sippakorn Ponpayong; Bolton St. Johns

Giorgio DeRosa, Senior Partner

Emily Giske, Partner

Compensation: $11,876,118

Other partners: Ed Draves, Bill McCarthy, Tom Connolly, Mike Keogh, Juanita Scarlett, Patrick McHugh, Teresa Gonzalez, Samara Daly

Notable clients: Verizon, Equinor, Cigna, Live Nation, Tech:NYC, Recording Industry Association of America, New York Immigration Coalition, Google

The COVID-19 pandemic, the Black Lives Matter movement, and the presidential election have all made 2020 an atypical year. How has your firm adapted?

Without question, 2020 has been unprecedented in so many ways. We have adapted and remain flexible as the ever-changing landscape continues to rapidly evolve. While we have found new ways to think outside the box and utilize technology and connections to reach people, our team continues to be one of our biggest strengths. The diversity of Bolton-St. Johns allows us to have greater insights into issues facing the city, state, and country, which helps us advise clients in real time and position them for success. 

Any new developments at your firm?

In the last year, we welcomed Samara Daly, Teresa Gonzalez, Patrick McHugh, and Debra Feinberg. We are proud of the role our firm played in budget negotiations in March, which included the legalization of gestational surrogacy, and the dedication our team has shown to anticipate and respond to client concerns since the pandemic began. 

What’s on the horizon for your firm in 2021?

We continue to help our clients navigate the COVID-19 pandemic and look forward to guiding clients through reopening, budget advocacy and legislative priorities.

4. Greenberg Traurig

Samir NaJame
Greenberg Traurig

Samir NeJame, Chair, New York State Government Law and Policy Practice 

Compensation: $9,886,811

Other key employees: Jonathan Bing, Lynelle Bosworth, Joshua Oppenheimer, Christopher Del Giudice, India Sneed

Notable clients: Acreage Holdings, AT&T, Health Plan Association, Life Insurance Council of New York, Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts, Real Estate Board of New York

The COVID-19 pandemic, the Black Lives Matter movement and the presidential election have all made 2020 an atypical year. How has your firm adapted?

Greenberg Traurig has always been proud of our unique platform and ability to leverage the firm’s depth of services and locations to provide clients with efficient, on the ground legal counsel. Evidenced during the COVID-19 pandemic was Greenberg Traurig’s ability to create a multidisciplinary team which closely monitored actions taken by federal, state and local government in order to update clients in real time. The pandemic has had an enormous impact on the state budget, and we have built a team with a level of government experience that no other law or lobbying firm in the state has.

Any new developments at your firm?

Greenberg Traurig’s robust State Election and Political Law Compliance Practice, led in Albany by Bob Harding and Josh Oppenheimer with support from Katie Birchenough, has been active in election law cases across the state. Nationwide, the firm represents the Pennsylvania Democratic Party and the Biden for President campaign in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania in presidential election issues, and the secretary of state of Rhode Island in voting procedures.

What’s on the horizon for your firm in 2021? 

Clients are relying on us even more but in very different ways due to the pandemic. Our team will continue to work closely with the full-service GLP teams in major political and commercial capitals throughout the U.S., including New York City and D.C., as we help clients address the COVID-19 health crisis, the fiscal fallout from the pandemic and the incoming change in presidential leadership.

5. Ostroff Associates

Rick Ostroff
Joan Heffler Photography

Rick Ostroff, President and CEO

Compensation: $7,290,049

Other key employees: Scott Wexler, Diana Ostroff, Dave Wehner, Kate Corkery, Rebecca Marino, Evan Sullivan, Anne Tarpinian, Liz Misa, Andrew Kennedy 

Notable clients: Darden Restaurants, Regeneron, Everytown for Gun Safety, Tesla, Pegula Sports and Entertainment, Steiner Studios, HP, FedEx, IAC

The COVID-19 pandemic, the Black Lives Matter movement and the presidential election have all made 2020 an atypical year. How has your firm adapted?

This year has truly been an unprecedented year in our history, and it seems the only constant in 2020 is change. From the onset, our team went to work to create a comprehensive system to keep our clients in compliance and in the know of all COVID-19 related developments. We also worked with the state to get industries back up and running by drafting industry specific safe return to work guidelines. 

Over the last 25 years, we have remained committed to the principles of integrity, trust and inclusiveness in all the work that we do. Thankfully, with this strong foundation, the entire Ostroff Associates team was well positioned to support our clients through this challenging period. 

Any new developments at your firm? 

We recently welcomed two new members to our lobbying team. Liz Misa, former deputy Medicaid director at the state Department of Health, and Andrew Kennedy, former deputy director of state operations who most recently served as president and CEO of the Center for Economic Growth. We look forward to sharing their decades of experience and expertise in New York state government with our clients. 

What’s on the horizon for your firm in 2021?

As we gear up for session, between the changing structure of the legislative calendar and the Capitol building being closed to visitors, we envision many things being different in 2021. However, we know it is vital to remain engaged with the Legislature and responsive to changing mandates to provide our clients with stability as this pandemic persists. We believe 2021 still presents many opportunities for business and government to collaborate on policy solutions to move our state forward. 

6. Capalino

CEO of Capalino James Capalino

James Capalino, CEO

Compensation: $6,964,538

Other key employees: Everyone at Capalino is key. It takes a team to achieve what we do. We get it done.

Notable clients: Macy’s, UPS, Fair Futures, Somos Community Care, Times Square Alliance, Alliance for Clean Energy

The COVID-19 pandemic, the Black Lives Matter movement and the presidential election have all made 2020 an atypical year. How has your firm adapted?

We believe actions speak louder than words. For decades, Capalino has been committed to our communities. Pained by this year’s events, our firm responded by issuing a series of actions to ensure a more just society highlighted by our focus on criminal justice reform. During the pandemic, we worked with clients to open testing sites, deliver PPE to frontline workers and provide education resources to students and parents.

Any new developments at your firm?

The highlight has been the rebranding and expansion of the firm. Getting anything done in the New York region is tough, and we are better at executing our clients’ vision because we can bring multiple perspectives delivered by a talented, experienced and diverse team. We announced that Travis Terry was promoted to president of Capalino, and Susan Hinkson-Carling was named managing director of Capalino Ventures, our new real estate financing arm, to lead the effort.

What’s on the horizon for your firm in 2021? 

In 2021, we look forward to our growth as an urban strategy firm. Expanding upon our four decades of expertise in lobbying, Capalino now provides services focusing on strategic planning, finance, social impact and sustainability and the full life cycle of real estate.

7. Mercury Public Affairs

Charlie King
Mercury LLC
Jan Feuerstadt
Mercury Public Affairs








Charlie King & Jan Feuerstadt, Partners

Compensation: $6,769,437

Other key employees: Michael McKeon, Fernando Ferrer, Jeff Klein, Chris Bombardier, Lisa Reid, Patrick McCarthy, Jonathan Greenspun, Patrick Halpin, Brad Billet, Jake Dilemani, Ted Anastasiou, Greg Lavine, John Tomlin, Paul Persaud, Raziq Seabrook, Greg Drilling, Deanne Braveman, Amaris Cockfield

Notable clients: New York Residential Agent Continuum, FPWA, Grubhub, NaphCare, Trucking Association of New York, American Medical Response, Manhattan Beer Distributors, Planet Fitness

The COVID-19 pandemic, the Black Lives Matter movement and the presidential election have all made 2020 an atypical year. How has your firm adapted?

When the pandemic struck New York, our firm quickly pivoted to an all-remote setting that allowed our employees to work from home safely without jeopardizing the level of commitment our clients have come to expect from us – providing COVID-19 updates from the city and state in real time. We were at the forefront of the Black Lives Matter movement, planning both of George Floyd’s funerals and the March on Washington. The firm works closely with national Black stakeholders and third-party advocates on programmatic efforts to end systemic racism in the wake of Floyd’s death.

Any new developments at your firm?

Through our work with the state, Mercury was able to ensure that essential businesses could continue to serve their communities safely during COVID-19 and industries could reopen throughout the year.

What’s on the horizon for your firm in 2021? 

We will continue to innovate and provide business solutions to clients. As the environment and workforce continues to shift and the political landscape remains uncertain, Mercury remains at the forefront by having relationships and expertise amongst all capacities, while continuing to offer creative solutions with our top tier of services to complement our government relations efforts.

8. Hinman Straub

Sean Doolan
Hinman Straub

Sean M. Doolan, President

Compensation: $6,275,519

Other key employees: Jim Carr, Caron O’Brien Crummey, Heather Evans, Jon Graves, Matt Leonardo, Julie Marlette, Matt O’Connor, Dave Previte, Janet Silver, Brittany Vogel, Wendy Saunders

Notable clients: New York State Conference of Blue Cross and Blue Shield Plans, Con Edison, Association of Proprietary Colleges, Medtronic, HSBC, Toyota, Airbnb, Children’s Aid, Empire State Association of Assisted Living, LeadingAge New York, University of Rochester

The COVID-19 pandemic, the Black Lives Matter movement and the presidential election have all made 2020 an atypical year. How has your firm adapted?

Each of these unprecedented events have contributed to an extraordinary and unsettling 2020. First and foremost, we, more than ever, prioritized the health, safety and well-being of the Hinman Straub team. Second, both the law and lobbying teams continued, albeit at times in remote locations, around the clock representation of our clients. Whether it be policy advocacy, implementation or compliance, we tried to go above and beyond in assisting our clients during these challenging times.

What's on the horizon for your firm in 2021?

As we continue to adjust to the “new normal” of the pandemic and state budget shortfalls, we will dedicate more resources (both human and information technology) toward advocacy on behalf of our clients and develop creative tactics and solutions in attaining client goals in a continued “remote” environment.

9. Park Strategies

Lisa Marrello, Managing Director

Compensation: $6,112,130

Other key employees: Alfonse D’Amato, Kevin Bronner, Ryan Moses, Fred Hiffa

Notable clients: Rochester Regional Health, Mount Sinai Health System, Catholic Health Services of Long Island, Iroquois Healthcare Alliance, Suburban Hospital Alliance of New York State, Voyce Global, Exxon Mobil Corp., State Farm, Microsoft, Orleans County, Capital District Transportation Authority, Adirondack Trailways, Brookfield Financial Properties, NextEra Energy, Waste Management

The COVID-19 pandemic, the Black Lives Matter movement and the presidential election have all made 2020 an atypical year. How has your firm adapted?

Like most professional services firms, Park Strategies was forced to pivot to fully remote work during the height of the pandemic. Thanks to careful planning in the early days, we made this shift fairly smoothly, minimizing the impact to our employees and our clients and partners as best as possible. We successfully managed our client-facing initiatives to online engagement and advocacy efforts, providing real-time information and critically important analysis of COVID-19 alerts, executive orders and subsequent guidance.

Any new developments at your firm?

We’ve been gratified that we were able to help local government and essential workers obtain crucial support during this crisis, including supporting emergency funding to help government and health care continue to provide critical services to their communities. With the recent significant growth in our firm, we have moved into new offices that affords greater collaboration and analysis of issues, all inuring to the benefit of our entire client base.

What’s on the horizon for your firm in 2021?

We just celebrated the first anniversary of Lisa, her colleagues and their long-tenured client base joining the Park Strategies team, and we are thrilled with the meaningful work we’ve been able to accomplish on behalf of our clients during this past year, especially given the challenges posed by the pandemic. We look forward to continuing to help our clients, particularly those in health care and local government, navigate successfully through these uncharted waters and be prepared for future challenges and opportunities as we collectively move past the worst of this in the coming year.

10. Davidoff Hutcher & Citron

Brian Simon
Charles Cherney
Steve Malito
Charles Cherney










Steve Malito, Partner and Chair, New York State Government Relations Group

Brian W. Simon, Director, Government Relations Group

Compensation: $5,472,274

Other key employees: Sid Davidoff, Jeffrey Citron, Howard Weiss, Keith Wright, Charles Capetanakis, Sean Crowley, Arthur Goldstein

Notable clients: LaGuardia Gateway Partners, Junior Achievement of New York, AECOM, Juul Labs, Success Academy Charter Schools, NYC & Company, Helen Keller Services, Juniper Networks, Metropolitan Package Store Association, The Henry Viscardi School

The COVID-19 pandemic, the Black Lives Matter movement and the presidential election have all made 2020 an atypical year. How has your firm adapted?

COVID-19 has dramatically altered how government affairs professionals interact on behalf of clients. Our team’s senior level experience has been vital for keeping lines of communication active with policymakers. We are fortunate that our firm has a deep wealth of relationships on the city, state and federal levels that have been responsive to our clients’ needs throughout the pandemic. Additionally, we formed a task force of attorneys and government relations professionals, all working remotely, to assist small businesses and nonprofits with finding aid through federal relief or funding provided through the New York City Council, including emergency relief loans and grants through the Paycheck Protection Program and the Small Business Administration. 2020 has been a year not of stagnation but important results for many of our clients’ businesses, trade organizations and nonprofits, for whom maintaining a presence in the halls of all levels of government remains a necessity.

Any new developments at your firm?

2020 was a year of strategic expansion for DHC, opening two new offices, including one in White Plains.

What’s on the horizon for your firm in 2021?

Our focus in 2021 will address seismic shifts expected due to the pandemic’s economic and financial upheaval. 2021 is the year when New York adopts ranked-choice voting at a time when New York City Hall leadership will be in significant term-limit transition, from the office of the mayor, City Council to the borough presidents and district attorneys. In the state, this year’s elections have produced many new elected officials and there will be significant changes in the chairs of a number of pivotal committees in the Senate and Assembly. These recent and upcoming elections, coupled with the changes in Washington, D.C., will herald in significant policy and fiscal changes. We will continue to connect our clients with elected officials and candidates to make certain they are adequately represented in the new administrations.

11. Constantinople & Vallone Consulting

Anthony Constantinople & Perry Vallone, Principals

Compensation: $5,007,252

Other key employees: Peter Vallone Sr., Tony Constantinople, Jake Potent, Steve Williams, Jordan Press, Lauren George, Yanni Trittas, Andrea Reres, Bailey McGillian, Isabel Lane, Janet Peguero

Notable clients: Waste Management, T-Mobile, TD Bank, Walgreens, 174 Power Global, The College Board, NRG Energy, Electrify America, YAI

What’s on the horizon for your firm in 2021?

C&V’s approach is grounded in guiding our clients through a continually changing economic and governmental landscape. Working through this difficult time has given us the tools to go into 2021 strong and ready to continue to grow as we move into a Biden administration and a citywide election cycle.

12. Pitta Bishop & Del Giorno LLC

Robert J. Bishop, Founding Member and Manager, Albany Office

Carlos Beato, Member

Compensation: $4,538,043

Other key employees: Vincent Pitta, Jon Del Giorno, Vito Pitta, Theresa Cosgrove, Ardian Tagani, Bradford Gonzalez-Sussman, William Farrell

Notable clients: AHRC New York City, ADAPT, American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, Teamsters Local 831, New York City Coalition of Operating Engineers, Sandy Hook Pilots Associations, Office and Professional Employees International Union, Correction Officers’ Benevolent Association, Wheels Labs Inc., Black Car Assistance Fund

What’s on the horizon for your firm in 2021?

We look forward to continued expansion of our business as the world recovers from the travails of 2020. Many of our clients were front-line heroes during the COVID-19 pandemic and we will work on legislation which relieves the most onerous impacts suffered by them; and continue to fight for pension equity, worker opportunity and fair labor standards.

13. MirRam Group

[[{"fid":"6552","view_mode":"default","fields":{"format":"default"},"type":"media","field_deltas":{"31":{"format":"default"}},"attributes":{"style":"width: 600px; height: 400px;","class":"media-element file-default","data-delta":"31"}}]]

Eduardo Castell, Managing Partner

Catherine Torres, Partner

Compensation: $4,472,078

Other key employees: Luis A. Miranda Jr., Roberto Ramirez, John Emrick, Luz Miranda-Crespo, Matthew R. Smalls

Notable clients: Transport Workers Union Local 100, Greater New York Hospital Association, Montefiore Health System, Hispanic Federation, Pharmacists Society of the State of New York, Teladoc, SmileDirectClub, Broadway Housing Communities, Healthfirst, El Museo del Barrio

What’s on the horizon for your firm in 2021?

MirRam is honored to represent a diverse group of clients, many of whom have been deemed essential in responding to the pandemic. As New York continues to battle the health and economic crisis our state faces we look forward to engaging with our clients, elected leaders and stakeholders in the recovery.

14. Albany Strategic Advisors

Compensation: $4,122,943

Key employees: Allison Lee, Mike O’Leary, Paul Zuber, Dan Cain, Eric Henderson, Justin Birzon, Jill Scalzo, Dan Vardaro

Notable clients: Altice USA, Centene, Charter Communications, Con Edison, Delta Air Lines,, JPMorgan Chase & Co., Lyft, Madison Square Garden, TechNet, Vornado Realty Trust

What’s on the horizon for your firm in 2021?

ASA looks forward to continuing to work with our clients to build trusted partners in government to meet the unique economic and public health challenges that face decision makers in New York in 2021. We have built a strong family of diverse clients, and we believe that a relationship of trust built on the sharing of clear and honest information and thoughtful strategy will help them build back stronger from difficult times in the months ahead.

15. The Parkside Group

Paul Thomas, Partner

Compensation: $3,610,227

Other key employees: Saima Anjam, Jake Herring, Dan Katz, Ben Kern, Susana Silva, Evan Stavisky, Norah Yahya

Notable clients: AT&T, CAMBA Inc., Major League Baseball, Microsoft, 32BJ SEIU

What’s on the horizon for your firm in 2021?

The ongoing pandemic and corresponding budget crises facing state and local governments provide incredible challenges, and incredible opportunities, to companies and causes seeking to engage with government. In the coming year, we will continue helping our clients tackle these challenges, and capitalize on these opportunities, throughout New York.

16. Dickinson & Avella

Christina Dickinson & Michael Avella, Partners

Compensation: $3,484,269

Other key employees: Bill Crowell, Eglantina Haxhillari, Michael Avella Jr.

Notable clients: New York Hotel and Motel Trades Council, Orthodox Union, Verizon, New York Yankees, Novartis, Angie’s List, Students First, New Yorkers United for Justice, Delaware North, Uniformed Fire Officers Association, Root Insurance, Carvana

What’s on the horizon for your firm in 2021?

Dickinson & Avella expects a busy 2021. While navigating the impact of COVID-19 on the state budget and our clients, we will also be working on important policy issues, including voting and election reform, adult-use marijuana, casino expansion, criminal justice reform, education funding and various other issues.

17. Cordo & Company

John Cordo, Principal

Steve Harris, President

Adam Richardson, Executive Vice President

Nora Boyle, Vice President

Compensation: $3,396,886

Other key employees: Katy Coleman, Amy Folger, Mia Felder

Notable clients: 1199SEIU, Genting New York, New York State Beer Wholesalers Association, Somos Community Care, New York City District Council of Carpenters, CVS Health

What’s on the horizon for your firm in 2021?

We will continue to fight for our health care heroes so that they can safely care for all New Yorkers, advocate for safe, well-paying jobs for the building trades, assist in the fair and equitable distributions of vaccines and that beer is brought to you fresh daily by your local distributor.

18. Patrick B. Jenkins & Associates

Patrick B. Jenkins & Associates

Patrick B. Jenkins, Founder

Jennifer Richardson, Senior Vice President

Compensation: $3,221,504

Other key employees: Dwayne Andrews, Cory Loomis

Notable clients: New York State Trial Lawyers Association, Genting New York, CVS Health, Uber, Charter Communications

What’s on the horizon for your firm in 2021?

Our firm prides itself on maintaining constructive dialogue between our clients and the state’s decision-makers and stakeholders – in good times and bad. We anticipate that 2021 will be much like 2020, and we will continue to keep these lines of communication open for our clients during these unprecedented times.

19. The Roffe Group

Andrew Roffe, Founder

Compensation: $3,188,635

Other key employees: Christine Rutigliano, Patrick Zlogar, Alexandra Moore, Caley Taratus

Notable clients: Exelon Generation Co., ADP, city of White Plains, Colgate University, Postmates, JPMorgan Chase & Co., New York Racing Association, Starbucks, Apple

20. Geto & de Milly

Ethan Geto
Kate Glickberg
Michele de Milly
Geto & de Milly










Ethan Geto & Michele de Milly, Founders and Principals

Compensation: $3,163,500

Other key employees: Daniel White, Mark Benoit, Maya Kremen, Laura Dolan

Notable clients: The Howard Hughes Corp., Property Markets Group, Zeckendorf Development, Fisher Brothers, PepsiCo Inc., New York City Football Club, Restoration Hardware, Getting Out and Staying Out, New Alternatives for Children, Rainbow Heights Club, Trinity School, John McEnroe Tennis Academy

What’s on the horizon for your firm in 2021? 

We’ll continue to help clients move New York forward through this crisis, advancing projects like Brooklyn’s Gowanus rezoning and the visionary proposal for Lower Manhattan’s South Street Seaport – adding jobs, generating economic resurgence and creating affordable housing. We remain committed to social justice and equity, ensuring our vital nonprofit clients secure funding to expand their reach during this challenging time.

21. Manatt, Phelps & Phillips

Jim Walsh

Jim Walsh, Partner

Julia Donnaruma, Senior Adviser

Compensation: $3,139,469

Other key employees: James Lytle, Bruce Gyory, Greg Pratt, Laura Manley

Notable clients: New York University, Oracle, Anthem, Coalition of New York State Public Health Plans, Associated Medical Schools of New York, McDonald’s USA, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, New York State Association for Affordable Housing

What’s on the horizon for your firm in 2021?

Our focus will be to help our clients navigate New York’s pandemic-related policies. It presents challenges, but also significant opportunities to help the state and our fellow New Yorkers. Our clients will be key in New York’s recovery, and we want state government to know they can rely on them.

22. CMW Strategies

Michael Woloz
CMW Strategies LLC

Michael Woloz, President and CEO

Compensation: $3,121,698

Other key employees: Jeff Rodus, Kathy Cudahy, Danna DeBlasio, Anthony “Skip” Piscitelli, Matthew Walsh, Sofiya Minsariya

Notable clients: American Museum of Natural History, Verizon, Instacart, Bird, Cisco Systems, Metropolitan Taxicab Board of Trade, Central Park Conservancy, Hotel Association of New York, Douglaston Development, The Hebrew Home at Riverdale, National Supermarket Association

What’s on the horizon for your firm in 2021?

We are looking forward to getting back to some sense of normalcy – just in time for an unprecedented city election year! A new mayor and the changeover of more than two thirds of the City Council will keep us busy as we socialize our clients’ interests to new elected officials and take on new challenges. 

23. Cozen O’Connor Public Strategies

Stuart Shorenstein, Chair, New York City and State Practice

Katie Schwab, Practice Director

Compensation: $3,043,957

Other key employees: Ken Fisher, Rose Christ, Jamie Ansorge, Evan Preminger, Zak Malik

Notable clients: New York City BID Association, Whitney Museum of American Art, New York University, DJI, Pratt Institute

What’s on the horizon for your firm in 2021?

With creativity and resourcefulness, we have advised our clients through the COVID-19 crisis and look forward to navigating the path toward New York’s inevitable revival. We are in growth mode for 2021, as innovation and public-private partnerships will be the key to a better future. We are grateful that our team’s experience and energy, and our deep bench in Washington and other cities, have equipped us to provide strategy and policy insights to both our clients and emerging public leaders in this dynamic election year.

24. The Wright Group NY

John Wright
Luke Tress
Kristin Ruggles
Luke Tress
Vincent Rossetti
Luke Tress








John Wright, Founder and Principal

Compensation: $3,040,933

Other key employees: Vincent Rossetti, Kristin Ruggles

Notable clients: Children's Defense Fund, Her Justice, Legal Services NYC, The LGBT Network, Universal Hip Hop Museum, Urban Resource Institute, Western New York Law Center

What’s on the horizon for your firm in 2021?

TWG's clients provide services to New York's most in-need communities, communities that were already disadvantaged and suffering before this year's health and financial crises. 2021 will be a year of transition; we look forward to working with our clients as they continue to pivot and adapt to this new landscape.

25. Tonio Burgos & Associates


Tonio Burgos, CEO

Compensation: $3,014,128

Other key employee: Seth Kaye

Notable clients: American Airlines, Greater New York Hospital Association, Montefiore Medical Center, Pfizer, Retail, Wholesale and Department Store Union

26. Jackson Lewis

Compensation: $2,573,140

Notable clients: The Broadway League, NYU Langone Hospitals, Via Transportation, The Hebrew Home at Riverdale

Editor’s note: Key members of Jackson Lewis’ team from last year have joined other firms.

27. Shenker Russo & Clark

Theresa Russo, CEO and Co-Managing Partner

Douglas Clark, Co-Managing Partner

Compensation: $2,563,766

Other key employees: M. Tracey Brooks, Donna Clyne, Jill T. Sandhaas, Ryan Horstmyer, Maston Sansom, Michael Trunzo, Richard Lauricella

Notable clients: Greater New York Automobile Dealers Association, New York Bankers Association, National Biodiesel Board, Asurion, BlackRock, Rivers Casino, Healthcare Association of New York State, National Association of Theatre Owners, Adelphi University, Center for Disability Services, United Hospital Fund of New York, Feeding New York State

What’s on the horizon for your firm in 2021?

It’s a brand new world. Providing clients with cost-effective representation is more critical now than ever before. Working with clients to solve problems, advocate their priorities in state government, secure state funding, obtain necessary licenses and permits, and guide them through government bureaucracy – that is what SRC does best.

28. Yoswein New York

Jamie Van Bramer, President

Compensation: $2,547,500

Other key employees: Joni Yoswein, Jeff Denman, Chris Carroll

Notable clients: Wegmans Food Markets, Brooklyn Defender Services, Amazon, Brooklyn Public Library, New York City Hospitality Alliance, JetBlue Airways, Lyft, Two Trees Management, NYC Outward Bound, SUNY Downstate Health Sciences University

What’s on the horizon for your firm in 2021?

The world has changed dramatically and so have expectations for lobbying firms. YNY’s track record of principled, hands-on, effective representation, and our ability to be nimble and responsive, is going to be more important to our clients than ever in what is certain to remain an extremely unsettled and challenging year.

29. Statewide Public Affairs 

Christopher J. Duryea
Lucy Schultz

Christopher J. Duryea, Managing Partner

Compensation: $2,358,334

Other key employees: Wayne Lair, Brian Quiara, Jim Quent, Roy Lasky, Kevin Banes

Notable clients: Volkswagen, Comcast, New York State Dental Association, Coca-Cola, New York State Restaurant Association, Cresco Labs, Genentech

What’s on the horizon for your firm in 2021?

Our firm’s continued growth and success is hinged upon our proactive, retail approach to advocacy and client service. In 2021, we will again be heavily engaged with COVID-19 management, vaccine distribution, cannabis legalization, gaming, Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act implementation and more, and we are thrilled to be bringing on some exciting new accounts.

30. Malkin & Ross

Jessica Schafroth
Jessica Schafroth
Christine Tramontano
Christine Tramontano











Jessica Schafroth, Vice President of Government Affairs

Christine Tramontano, Vice President of Government Affairs

Compensation: $2,298,086

Other key employees: Arthur Malkin, Donald Ross, Samuel Kessler, Carol Ann Lemon, Cylas Martell-Crawford, Stacie Orell

Notable clients: New York State Nurses Association, Coalition for the Homeless, Alliance for Clean Energy New York, Drug Policy Alliance, Coalition for Behavioral Health, Make the Road New York, Communities United for Police Reform, Safe Horizon, Earthjustice

What’s on the horizon for your firm in 2021?

Helping our clients to further New York state’s efforts to battle climate change, inclusively legalize marijuana, create a more equitable justice system, increase output of renewable energy sources, ensure more access for treatment of substance use disorders, reduce the poverty rate and enhance protections for our most vulnerable populations.

31. Patricia Lynch Associates Inc.

Patricia Lynch, Founder

Compensation: $1,932,195

Other key employees: Colleen Keane, Gina Fazzone, Elana Lipkin

Notable clients: Avis, Diamond WTG, Disney, Hunts Point Produce Market, Lightstone Group, Nuvance Health

What’s on the horizon for your firm in 2021?

As one of the few woman-owned lobbying firms in the state, PLA Inc. will be celebrating its 20th year of business in 2021. While the past 10 months have been focused on navigating for clients the state’s COVID-19 policies, their focus for 2021 is rebuilding the state’s economy, including creating new opportunities in existing business lines, developing partnerships with the state to create transformational industries and developing legislative support for such activities.

32. Featherstonhaugh, Wiley & Clyne

Elizabeth K. Clyne, Managing Partner

Jonathan S. McCardle, Partner


Other key employees: James D. Featherstonhaugh, David F. Fleming Jr., Ryan J. Banagan, Brendan J. Boyle, Justin A. Hogan, Stephen D. Morgan

Notable clients: The General Contractors Association of New York, Goldman Sachs Group Inc., New York State Association of Cemeteries, Robin Hood Foundation, UnitedHealthcare

What’s on the horizon for your firm in 2021?

2021 will be another challenging year for all of our clients as New York bounces back from the pandemic. To help New York recover faster, we especially look forward to working with our client, the Robin Hood Foundation, on an initiative to reduce New York’s child poverty rate by half by 2025.

33. Masiello, Martucci, Calabrese & Associates

Victor A. Martucci, Managing Partner

Compensation: $1,907,500

Other key employee: Anthony M. Masiello

Notable clients: Albright-Knox Art Gallery, city of Buffalo, D’Youville College, Erie County Medical Center, Erie County Water Authority, Greenwich Biosciences, Kaleida Health, Maid of the Mist, Niagara Frontier Transportation Authority, Rosina Food Products, Seneca Nation of Indians, Shea’s Performing Arts Center

What’s on the horizon for your firm in 2021?

As we look forward to 2021, Masiello, Martucci, Calabrese & Associates will apply what we learned during the COVID-19 pandemic to continue to offer our clients the very best representation both in Albany and here at home in western New York. The lobbying business is a relationship business, and the pandemic has pushed us to be creative in how we communicate not only with our clients but with decision-makers in Albany and with local governments. The challenges facing our clients will be exponentially greater in 2021. The needs of our clients are greater than ever before, and public resources in Albany and at the local level will be both scarce and unpredictable. We look forward to the challenge of assisting our clients to emerge from the pandemic stronger and more competitive, and we will do our part as good corporate citizens to help rebuild our hometown of Buffalo.

34. Fried, Frank, Harris, Shriver & Jacobson

Zachary Bernstein
Fried Frank
Tal J. Golomb
Fried Frank
David Karnovsky
Fried Frank
Melanie Meyers
Fried Frank
Carol E. Rosenthal
Fried Frank








Zachary Bernstein, Tal J. Golomb, David Karnovsky, Melanie Meyers, Carol E. Rosenthal, Real Estate Partners

Compensation: $1,836,716

Notable clients: Tishman Speyer, Vornado Realty Trust, Two Trees Management, Related Companies, Rudin Management

35. Tusk Strategies

Chris Coffey, Head of New York Practice

Eric Soufer, Managing Director

Yvette Buckner, Managing Director

Compensation: $1,769,806

Other key employees: Alex Sommer, Erika Tannor, Jake Sporn, Matt Munsil

Notable clients: Bird, Bloomberg Philanthropies, Pace-O-Matic, Handy, Pymetrics, Latch

What’s on the horizon for your firm in 2021?

There’s a lot going on in New York in 2021, including the City Council and mayoral races. We want to play an active role in such an important election cycle and plan on doing so in a variety of ways. We look forward to supporting 21 in ’21 and other important candidates and causes.

36. Empire Strategic Planning

Nick Spano, President

Compensation: $1,489,532

Other key employees: Maureen Kronau, John Spano

Notable clients: Westchester County PBA, Greater New York Hospital Association, Montefiore Medicine Academic Health System, New York Police and Fire Retiree Association, National Association of Wine Retailers, Empress Emergency Medical Services

What’s on the horizon for your firm in 2021?

Our goal will be to continue to represent our clients in a way that is consistent with the changing times that we are currently in. Lobbying during COVID-19 requires change, and we are ready to be a part of that effort!

37. TLM Associates

Ian Riley, Senior Associate for City Legislative Affairs

Sharada Polavarapu, Senior Associate for Affordable Housing

Compensation: $1,448,342

Other key employees: Thomas McMahon, James McMahon, Pablo Zengerle

Notable clients: Bank of America, Greenpoint Manufacturing and Design Center

What’s on the horizon for your firm in 2021?

Continue working with our clients and state and city government on the issues and challenges to increase the supply of and access to affordable housing.

38. Tress Capitol Advisors

Tracy Tress, Founder and Principal

Kristen Murphy, Senior Lobbyist

Kaitlyn MacLeod, Lobbyist

Compensation: $1,420,998

Notable clients: Callen-Lorde Community Health Center, Gilead Sciences Inc., Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America, New York State Camp Directors Association, Legal Action Center

What’s on the horizon for your firm in 2021?

2020 has been challenging and we are grateful to our clients for staying with us. Our 2021 goal is to expertly steer our clients through the next months with an eye toward post-pandemic progress and growth.

39. Reid, McNally & Savage

Bob Reid, Shauneen McNally and Marcy Savage, Partners

Compensation: $1,405,327

Notable clients: New York State Association of Health Care Providers, IBM, American Heart Association, Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association, American Cancer Society, New York State Council for Community Behavioral Healthcare, New York Public Transit Association, Diageo North America

What’s on the horizon for your firm in 2021?

Our focus is on assisting clients and those they serve with pandemic response. This will be our 2021 priority. We are working with clients and others to launch a new campaign, Let’s Get Immunized New York. We have also created open source resources like our compendium of COVID-19 pandemic executive orders.

40. Kramer Levin Naftalis & Frankel

Paul Selver & Gary Tarnoff, Partners and Land Use Co-Chairs

Compensation: $1,390,296

Other key employees: Michael Sillerman, Elise Wagner, Valerie Campbell, James Power

Notable clients: Vornado Realty Trust, The Walt Disney Co., HELP USA, Long Island University, The Shubert Organization

41. State & Broadway

Jacqueline S.L. Williams & Lawrence E. Scherer, Founding Partners and Co-Owners

Compensation: $1,345,184

Other key employees: Richard D. Winsten, Patrick K. Kennedy, Melissa A. Murray

Notable clients: Retail, Wholesale and Department Store Union, ALM Media, 1199SEIU, National Domestic Workers Alliance, Broadway Stages, New York Chiropractic Council, Mid-Hudson Catskill Rural & Migrant Ministry

What’s on the horizon for your firm in 2021?

State & Broadway will continue to work collaboratively with clients to shape agendas and develop relationships with policymakers. The COVID-19 world has presented new challenges to relationship-building. Our vision incorporates a broader use of digital innovations to meet this challenge, thereby placing clients in the best strategic position to succeed.

42. Whiteman Osterman & Hanna

Richard Leckerling, Coordinating Partner, Governmental Relations Practice Group

Compensation: $1,291,522

Other key employees: Kevin Quinn, Katherine Herlihy

Notable clients: Columbia University Teachers College, Quest Diagnostics, Hertz, New York State Optometric Association, American Express, Pearson

43. Stroock & Stroock & Lavan

Ross Moskowitz

Ross Moskowitz, Partner

Compensation: $1,290,927

Other key employees: John B. Egnatios-Beene, Ashley E. Doukas

Notable clients: A&E Real Estate Management, Verizon, FWRA LLC

What’s on the horizon for your firm in 2021?

2021 will see (New York City) continuing to grapple with a myriad of challenges. Significantly, for the future of the city, we will elect a new mayor. Additionally, two-thirds of the New York City Council is up for reelection. We expect the outgoing mayor and council to be very active.

44. Plummer & Wigger

Dan Plummer
Kiki Vassilakis
Scott Wigger
Kiki Vassilakis











Dan Plummer & Scott Wigger, Partners

Compensation: $1,275,500

Other key employees: Marge Marto, Ed Wassermann

Notable clients: General Electric, NBCUniversal, Railroads of New York, Millennium Pipeline, Delaware Engineering, New York State Funeral Directors Association, New York Transco, Casella Waste Systems, Element Fleet Management, SABIC Innovative Plastics, National Electrical Manufacturers Association, Genworth Financial

What’s on the horizon for your firm in 2021?

Looking forward into 2021, our main focus will be on getting through the current COVID-19 pandemic by continuing to assist our clients in working with the Cuomo administration and state Legislature to help New York state create jobs and promote initiatives that will create a robust post-COVID economy.

45. Harter Secrest & Emery LLP

Amy Kellogg
2019 ALB 6013 HR

Amy J. Kellogg, Partner-in-Charge, Albany Office

Compensation: $1,253,432

Other key employee: John M. Jennings

Notable clients: American Nurses Association – New York, Biotechnology Innovation Organization, GlaxoSmithKline PLC, International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 86, New York Alliance of Fine Wine Wholesalers, New York State Association of Nurse Anesthetists, New York State Chiropractic Association, New York State Telecommunications Association, Safety Group Managers Association Inc., U.S. Tire Manufacturers Association

What’s on the horizon for your firm in 2021?

Building on the reputation and legacy of our recently retired colleague, Donald Mazzullo, we will continue to provide advice and strategic planning to our existing clients to help them achieve their legislative priorities, while at the same time looking for opportunities to help new clients navigate and understand the legislative process.

46. Hill, Gosdeck & McGraw

Jeffrey Hill, Partner

Compensation: $1,229,458

Other key employees: Frank Nemeth, Denise McGraw

Notable clients: IBM, Facebook, Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers, March of Dimes, Getty Images, Shutterstock, AT&T, Monsanto

47. Elk Street Group

Diane Frazier, Partner

Compensation: $1,136,169

Other key employees: Andrea K. DeBow, Diana P. Georgia

Notable clients: Williams Companies, Pfizer, United New York Ambulance Network, New York State Association of Nurse Anesthetists

48. Bogdan and Lasky

Edward A. Bogdan III, Managing Partner

Compensation: $1,132,504

Other key employees: James A. Lasky, Kyle R. Christiansen

Notable clients: Motion Picture Association, Anheuser-Busch, Entertainment Software Association, AstraZeneca, Managed Funds Association, BSA – The Software Alliance

What’s on the horizon for your firm in 2021?

As New York recovers and rebuilds from the pandemic, New Yorkers need to get back to work. With our experience and dedication, we will be working with our clients to keep and grow jobs, markets and opportunities here in the Empire State where they belong.

49. Envision Strategy

David S. Carroll, Founding Partner and Managing Director

Compensation: $1,127,786

Other key employees: Brett Heimov, Amy Solomon, Steven Stallmer, Tim Bishop, Stephen Schultz

Notable clients: Koch Companies Public Sector,Fort Ticonderoga, The ALS Association Greater New York Chapter, Cigna, DeVry University, Bombardier, United Breast Cancer Foundation

50. RG Group

Fran Reiter, Partner

Compensation: $1,106,500

Other key employees: Catherine Giuliani, Alan Rosenberg, Gregory Mitchell

Notable clients: Broadcom, Oracle America, Red Hat, Armis, Splunk, Transit Wireless, D2L

What’s on the horizon for your firm in 2021? 

RG Group prides itself on being the go-to firm for technology companies doing business in New York. In 2021, RG Group will continue to help clients respond to the COVID-19 crisis, identify changing needs of government, and position them for success while navigating the current budget challenges facing us today.

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