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A Q&A with Michael Farrell

Senior Director, Development, The AES Corporation (AES)

Michael Ferrell, Senior Director, Development, The AES Corporation (AES)

Michael Ferrell, Senior Director, Development, The AES Corporation (AES) AES

What impact does clean energy have?

Developing new, clean energy resources results in a cleaner, safer planet, competitive e prices to consumers and businesses, and new job opportunities and tax revenues to fund schools and counties. Through the landmark CLCPA legislation, New York State has set ambitious goals on emissions reductions and in-state clean energy electricity generation. As the state’s leading renewable energy developer with more than 800 MW in operation, AES is continuing to accelerate the impact of our clean energy projects and bringing new opportunities to the state.

What role are you playing in promoting clean energy in New York?

AES has been an especially collaborative partner in supporting workforce development efforts that ensure that New Yorkers have ample opportunities in the clean energy transition, from students in local schools, to those just entering the workforce or transitioning to the clean energy industry. AES has nearly 3 GW in development in the state, including solar, community solar, wind and energy storage projects. AES’ deep care for how and where we build these projects ensures that host communities are partners in this effort and that New Yorkers who want clean energy when they flip on their lights, benefit from our presence.

How well is New York doing in transitioning to clean energy?      

New York state continues to be a leader in the clean energy transition under Gov. Kathy Hochul’s leadership. At AES, we have demonstrated our longstanding commitment to supporting this transition with clean energy projects in all corners of the state, both operational and in development. With the CLCPA, New York has charted a steady course for a green future, and we are hopeful that our leadership and our work in the Empire State can deliver meaningful benefits to New Yorkers from Montauk to Buffalo, to Watertown and Plattsburgh, who believe in a clean energy future.

What's one clean energy policy that can move New York forward?

The proposal I am most excited to see become law is the Just Energy Transition Act (S.2935/A.4866). This bill establishes a glide path for phasing out fossil fuel plants across the state and replacing them with homegrown renewable energy by 2030. Through creative solutions to replace difficult-to-decarbonize sites with clean energy, the state can uplift communities that have historically shouldered the public health and environmental harms of hosting fossil fuel plants. The proposals developed through this bill can serve as blueprints for a brighter tomorrow in communities across the state and make New York a national model for the energy transition.

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