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An interview with Chanda Washington

Associate to the President for Government and Community Affairs, Hofstra University

What is the state of higher education in New York?

Higher education is uniquely positioned to attract people to the state from around the world. At Hofstra, we are focused on supporting New York’s workforce demands through academic offerings that will prepare and retain future teachers, nurses, engineers and problem solvers in communities across the state.  

What role do you play in higher education in New York?

I am a champion for higher education. At Hofstra, I work closely with students, faculty and staff to showcase the university’s strengths and amazing opportunities that contribute to the vibrancy of Long Island and the surrounding areas. I work to explore partnership opportunities that aim to strengthen an equitable, inclusive and thriving community. 

What policy issues are you focused on in 2024?

A core value of higher education is economic opportunity. At Hofstra, I am moving forward President Susan Poser’s vision for the university by strengthening our ties to the local community and exploring initiatives that create sustainable and viable economic opportunities. This includes identifying internships for students, collaborating with nonprofit organizations, and supporting the needs of local school districts as they work to prepare students for life after high school.