New York City

Eric Adams’ transition committee has brought in nearly $2 million

The mayor has until April 30 to spend it on an inauguration ceremony – or give the money back.

New York City

COIB let other mayors hire family members. Will it give Eric Adams permission?

Previous waivers grant some insight, but there could be a key difference with Bernard Adams, if he’s getting paid.

New York City

Assembly Member Diana Richardson named Brooklyn deputy borough president

Borough President Antonio Reynoso chose a fellow progressive, which will create an open legislative seat.

New York City

How Adrienne Adams became the speaker

The compromise candidate’s win came after Mayor Eric Adams picked someone else.

New York City

Can Eric Adams really hire his brother?

Bernard Adams wouldn’t be the first family member of a mayor to work in their administration.

Campaigns & Elections

Which Democrats are running for lieutenant governor?

The list of candidates will likely expand as the fields solidify in other statewide races.

New York State

Jan. 6 insurrection only aligned New York GOP closer to Trump

A year after the Capitol riots, Republicans continue to use Trumpism to their advantage.

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New York State

What Hochul left out of her State of the State address

The parts of the governor’s agenda that she didn’t include in her speech may speak volumes about her priorities for this year.

New York State

Hochul’s 2022 legislative agenda is sweeping. Her powers to enact it are not.

Many of the New York governor’s most ambitious proposals outlined in her State of the State address require federal funding and changes to the state Constitution. As she notes, collaboration will be essential.

New York City

Adrienne Adams elected first Black City Council speaker

Former speaker candidates Keith Powers and Diana Ayala were named to leadership positions at the council’s first meeting.

New York State

A first look at Gov. Kathy Hochul’s 2022 State of the State

From green energy to ethics reform, here are the highlights from the legislative agenda the governor is outlining today.

New York State

What to expect from Gov. Kathy Hochul’s first State of the State address

State lawmakers are anticipating a new political tone, but are still waiting to hear her big ideas.

New York State

4 key takeaways from the Independent Redistricting Commission’s latest maps

Dueling plans by Republicans and Democrats hint at how the final lines might shape up.