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Sarah Goodyear

is a freelance journalist.

New York City


Federal transportation bill unlikely to offer New York much

The U.S. Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works passed a new federal transportation authorization of $287 billion to build and maintain roads, bridges, and rails – and it contains a first-ever climate change provision, but it still falls short on New York’s climate and mass transit priorities.

Andrew Cuomo


The Greatest Showman: Are Cuomo's projects just window dressing?

Gov. Andrew Cuomo has rolled out one marquee project after another. But has he neglected the state’s less flashy infrastructure needs?

Liz Krueger


Kicking the bag down the road

Billions of plastic bags clog sewage plants, pollute waterways and cling to trees and lampposts in New York City. And Albany won’t let the city stop it.


De Blasio's blind spot

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio has positioned himself as a progressive, but transportation advocates say his positions on issues like congestion pricing point to a car-centric approach.