City & State Editor in Chief Ralph Ortega
New York state will face the challenge of gaining the confidence of undocumented immigrants when it sets out to distribute billions in relief funds.
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That Latinos have borne the brunt of this crisis is a tragic yet unsurprising reality.
The El Morro Fortress in San Juan, Puerto Rico.
Claims that last year’s referendum didn’t show enough support don’t make sense.
The NYPD in Feb. 2021.
Don’t merge the CCRB, NYPD inspector general and the Commission to Combat Police Corruption.
Already-overburdened courts could see a tsunami of post-pandemic divorces. New York needs to prepare.
Activists on the steps of New York City Hall on Equal Pay Day in 2019.
Women have suffered disproportionate economic harm from the COVID-19 pandemic.
New York has to adapt to changing circumstances in order to avoid becoming a "ghost town."
Increases in taxes on the rich should be temporary and paired with spending cuts.
In NYC black women are eight to 12 times more likely than white women to die during child birth.
New York City has a huge racial disparity in health problems among pregnant women.
More than two dozen states across the country have made vaccinating all inmates an important component of their public health plans. But not New York.
Prisoners are at risk and it affects their whole community.
New York City and state must adapt to irrevocable changes COVID-19 has wrought.
The city and state must adapt to irrevocable changes COVID-19 has wrought.