Who each Avenger would endorse for mayor

Captain America and Black Widow aren’t the only ones with opinions.

Captain America AKA Chris Evans has endorsed Maya Wiley for NYC mayor.

Captain America AKA Chris Evans has endorsed Maya Wiley for NYC mayor. BAKOUNINE/Shutterstock

Chris Evans, who portrayed Captain America in the Marvel films, just endorsed Maya Wiley for New York City mayor. Evans doesn’t actually live in New York, but his endorsement got us thinking. Scarlett Johansson, aka Black Widow, is a longtime ally of Scott Stringer. So who would the rest of the Avengers endorse in the upcoming mayoral race?

* This ranking is based on the Marvel Cinematic Universe portrayals - some of these characters have totally different political leanings in the comic books.

Iron Man – Ray McGuire 

Tony Stark and Ray McGuire are both capitalists who care™ – and Andrew Yang talks way too much about the ills of automation for Stark Industries’ taste. Gwyneth Paltrow, who portrays Tony’s wife Pepper Potts, has IRL endorsed Ray McGuire.

Thor – Andrew Yang

As someone who’s spent a decent amount of time off-world, Thor won’t quibble that Yang wasn’t in the city for most of the pandemic. Besides, did you see Asgard before it was destroyed? They absolutely had UBI.

Nick Fury – Eric Adams

Occasionally inscrutable, but pragmatic, Nick Fury totally would’ve slept on the floor at S.H.I.E.L.D. headquarters during the height of the pandemic.

Black Panther – Maya Wiley

Strong women in leadership were central to a thriving Wakanda. As such, we think King T’Challa would be particularly invested in helping to elect the first Black woman to be New York City mayor.

Spider-Man – Dianne Morales 

Spider-Man is a zoomer progressive and all of his friends are staunch supporters of defunding the police. Morales has the boldest platform for achieving that goal. Plus, last name solidarity.

The Hulk – Shaun Donovan

They’re both numbers guys, and it’s worth noting that Ed Norton, who starred in that Hulk reboot with Liv Tyler that nobody likes to talk about, already endorsed him.

Agent Coulson – Kathryn Garcia

Total behind-the-scenes players. They’re not flashy, but they’re there when you need them!

Hawkeye – Max Rose

Hawkeye is devastated that Max Rose dropped out, and you can find him nursing a light beer at his local bar until Election Day.

War Machine & Dr. Strange – Loree Sutton 

Veterans and doctors assemble!

Groot – Scott Stringer

Both towering, scary tree Groot and adorable baby twig Groot care deeply about the environment.

Ant-Man – Carlos Menchaca

The superhero who went to prison for stealing from the rich and giving to the poor would support a progressive who’s out to tackle income inequality.

Captain Marvel – Way too busy

She’s got bigger fish to fry, come on.