Likely AI books about New York politicians are flooding Amazon

Insiders may not learn much, since the books range from largely inaccurate to complete gibberish.

Books about New York political figures are popping up online with sometimes dubious origins.

Books about New York political figures are popping up online with sometimes dubious origins. Moor Studio/Getty Images

For all the promise that artificial intelligence may have in the future, people are currently using the technology to flood sites like Amazon with books likely written by AI. The utter drivel that is being churned out has little basis in reality, regularly gets facts wrong and provides no value to the few readers who find these books. Here are some of the likely AI-written books available today.

Kathy Hochul: The Iron Lady of New York and a Beacon of Hope

By “Noel J. McMillan”

111 pages

Setting aside the fact that no one has ever called Gov. Kathy Hochul “The Iron Lady of New York,” a twist on the moniker that was used for U.K. Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, the reader can’t get through the first sentence of the introduction, reproduced verbatim below, without becoming confused.

Key quote: “To be more precise, within New York, Manhattan; in middle of this state, in the very center of the Empire State; in middle of this state, in the center of the Empire State; within New York, Manhattan, amidst this state, at the very center of this state, Empire Beginning as a modest girl from the streets, Kathy Hochul moved across the political arena with firm persistence and unshakeable conviction that the authorities do have powers to lift and enrich.”

Elise Stefanik Biography: The Making of a Republican Leader

By “Michael D. Evans”

69 pages

It’s a little odd for a book’s introduction to start with “Hello and welcome,” but maybe the author is just an incredibly nice person. While the book gets some, but not all, basic biographical details correct, the second sentence of “Chapter 1: Background” is an early sign of likely AI writing.

Key quote: “Stefanik was up in the little hamlet of Willsboro, where he developed a strong interest in public service along with a blend of rustic values.”

Lee Zeldin: A Controversial Comparison

By “Justin Riley”

15 pages

The full title of the book was too long to include above, which may be the first sign that this was likely written by AI. It also features unnecessarily complicated language that is common among AI-written material in this start to the introduction.

Key quote: “Lee Michael Zeldin, born on January 30, 1980, is a multifaceted figure in American politics, law, and military service. As an attorney, politician, and officer in the United States Army Reserve, Zeldin has traversed various spheres of influence and responsibility throughout his career.”

Andrew Cuomo: Highlights of Sexual Harassment: Can Cuomo Endure His Present Charges

By “David Patterson”

16 pages

Not to be confused with New York’s former governor, David Paterson with one T, the author titles the introduction with a probing question, “Who is Mr. Andrew Cuomo?” Unfortunately for those not paying attention for the past three decades, the first sentence of the intro doesn’t resolve much.

Key quote: “Mr. Cuomo, who has been a lead delegate for more than 10 years, is being explored from his own social event for purportedly disguising the veritable number of passings in New York care homes.”