Interviews & Profiles

How federal funds are driving state investments in broadband

A Q&A with the National Telecommunications and Information Administration’s Jodia Vanel.

Interviews & Profiles

Tracking who’s still lacking internet across New York

A Q&A with Maria Doulis, state deputy comptroller for budget and policy analysis.

Interviews & Profiles

Internet access should be seen as a human right

A Q&A with state Sen. Kristen Gonzalez, chair of the Internet and Technology Committee.

Interviews & Profiles

Regulating the internet as a public utility

A Q&A with state Sen. Sean Ryan, chair of the Commerce, Economic Development, and Small Business Committee.

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A Q&A with David Bronston

Special Counsel and Telecommunications Industry Team Leader, Phillips Lytle LLP

Heard Around Town

Adams: ‘We have to push back on sci-fi aspect of drones’

Despite privacy and civil rights concerns, the mayor and city safety officials doubled down on use of the surveillance tech ahead of the West Indian Day parade.

Heard Around Town

NYPD doesn’t need to be more detailed in tech transparency, official says

“I'm more concerned about public safety and keeping people safe and being true to the spirit of the law,” Ruben Beltran said, when asked about criticisms of POST Act compliance.

Campaigns & Elections

State Board of Elections approves controversial electronic voting machines

In a 3-1 vote, the ExpressVoteXL machines were certified by the state, but one commissioner predicted lawsuits to follow.

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New York Assembly member claims to have introduced the first bill written by AI

Assembly Member Clyde Vanel introduced a bill to help renters. It was researched and drafted by artificial intelligence.


As fires rage on, city looks to further regulate lithium-ion batteries

There’s been a massive increase in fires, and deaths in New York City relating to bad batteries used in some e-bikes.

Heard Around Town

How should Congress join the AI revolution? Chuck Schumer has thoughts

The majority leader unveiled a plan to address the emerging technology – and it’s emerging threats.


Opinion: New York must say no to social media surveillance

With just three words – “Accept friend request” – covert cops can surveil your most private and unfiltered communications, putting youth of color at risk.

Heard Around Town

Business leaders push for Link5G deployment

Those supertall 5G towers have defenders in New York City’s business community.


Tech revolution

New York City enters a new age of robotic employment.


MyCity portal launches with focus on child care benefits

New York City Mayor Adams and Chief Technology Officer Matt Fraser promised “more to come” for the new city services portal.