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All New York AG candidates are "qualified"

All of the New York attorney general candidates are "qualified"

Barbara Underwood being sworn in as acting attorney general.

Barbara Underwood being sworn in as acting attorney general. Office of Attorney General

New Yorkers aren’t strangers to stunt candidacies. Who could forget the “Manhattan Madam’s” run for governor, or Jimmy “The rent is too damn high” McMillan in the same race? And Empire State voters have a real knack for suggesting stars for office – just ask the 10 people who voted Yankee Aaron Judge for mayor of New York City, or the three who voted for Jesus Christ. But it seems that politicos are taking the state Legislature’s search for a state attorney general seriously.

Despite the open process where anybody could submit a resume and a cover letter to Albany to be considered at the public hearings this weeks, Kerri Biché, press secretary for the Assembly majority, said there weren’t any obviously unqualified candidates. “Everyone who applied is on the list,” she told City & State. (Yes, candidates like Alex Zapesochny and Jennifer Stergion are long shots, but at least they’re both attorneys.)

One potential candidate did cause some confusion. Nassau Supervisor David Fleming tweeted Saturday that his name was left off the list, so City & State called him for clarification. “No, I was just joking,” he said with a laugh. “Sorry about that!”