New York State

The 2018 election in New York, by the numbers

Shifts in power, landslide victories, high turnout and high spending.


In case you’ve been living under a rock, there was an election last week – and it brought a lot of changes. Here are some of the highlights in New York, by the numbers.

Governor’s Race Results

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Cuomo in 2014: 54.3%
Cuomo in 2010: 62.6%

Statewide Races


What the State Senate looks like now

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What the House Delegation looks like now


Newly elected members of the state Senate

In 2018: 17
In 2016: 7

Voter Turnout

Turnout in 2018: 42%
Turnout in 2014: 28%
Turnout in 2010: 35.5%

Most expensive House race

John Faso vs. Antonio Delgado: $10,174,466

most expensive race

Total funds raised by Cuomo

$35 million+

Sources: Center for Responsive Politics, state Board of Elections, including preliminary 2018 general election results