The congressional candidates donating the most money to their own campaigns

Dan Goldman has given $4 million to his 10th Congressional District campaign. Here’s who else is giving big money.

Carl Paladino and Carolyn Maloney

Carl Paladino and Carolyn Maloney Drew Angerer; Kevin Dietsch/Getty Images

The $2,900 contribution limit for congressional primaries doesn’t exist for the candidates themselves. That means wealthy people running for office can put extraordinary amounts of their own money into their campaigns – like $4 million for Levi Strauss heir Dan Goldman. These contributions usually come in the form of loans, which candidates can forgive at any time, effectively turning it into a cold, hard contribution. And some congressional candidates in New York are spending big on themselves, as of Aug. 17.


Dan Goldman (D), 10th District

72% of total fundraising


Carl Paladino (R), 23rd District

99% of total fundraising


Carolyn Maloney (D), 12th District

23% of total fundraising


Michelle Bond (R), 1st District

70% of total fundraising


George Santos (R), 3rd District

29% of total fundraising


Jo Anne Simon (D), 10th District

76% of total fundraising


Steve Wells (R), 22nd District

58% of total fundraising


Mario Fratto (R), 24th District

72% of total fundraising