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Digital Transformation in the Aviation Industry

JFKIAT Enhances the Passenger Experience to Deliver Incredible Journeys.

JFK Terminal 4 Exterior

JFK Terminal 4 Exterior JFKIAT

In 2024, JFKIAT – the operator of JFK’s Terminal 4 – celebrated a milestone of serving 26 million passengers. As travelers’ needs evolve, T4 continues to invest in innovative technologies to deliver a best-in-class experience.

Optimizing Passenger Flow

As one of the most active air terminals in New York City, delivering incredible journeys is one of JFKIAT’s highest priorities. With the Next Generation Self Service Check-In Kiosks, T4 passengers can check in and print their bag tag at one of 96 kiosks. This self-service technology creates a smooth and efficient passenger flow, enabling employees to better manage their resources.

JFKIAT also began a soft launch of biometrics at the self-service bag drop units. The opt-in solution automates the TSA required ID verification that airlines must perform before passengers induct their luggage. When a passenger opts-in and utilizes biometrics, the passenger will use facial recognition against the CBP Traveler Verification System (TVS) database. Without having to scan their boarding pass at a fixed location, passengers have greater flexibility.

Leveraging Digital Signage

JFKIAT introduced 11 ReadySeeGo® Digital Communication Totems at select TSA security

checkpoints to provide a more engaging and efficient process. By providing passengers with clear information on queue guidance, TSA estimated wait times, and more, they have a more enjoyable experience.

Auto Bag Drop at JFK Terminal 4 / JFKIAT

Cultivating Sense of Place

JFKIAT has also leveraged digital technology to create memorable experiences and connect

global passengers to New York City’s diverse communities. Earlier this year, JFKIAT launched holographic installations as part of the T4 Arts & Culture program. In partnership with the Wildlife Conservation Society, the immersive exhibit features video elements about wildlife and wild places, including a hologram of Bronx Zoo’s animals and its director, Jim Breheny. Recently, JFKIAT also announced the availability of Google Indoor Live View in T4. 

2024 and Beyond

As peak travel season approaches, it’s important to reduce stress for passengers. This year JFKIAT has plans to expand its Passenger Flow Management in T4’s Retail Hall, the various digital signage that showcases dynamic walking times and increases engagement with passengers, and more. As a result, passengers have information at their fingertips to personalize their journeys.