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‘Now I’m part of the statistic’ Assembly Member Jessica González-Rojas talks pedestrian safety

The Queens progressive was hit by a car on Jan. 4, and she said she’s more determined now to pursue street safety legislation.


UFT, Staten Island borough president sue to block congestion pricing

The lawsuit is the latest in a series calling for a more thorough environmental review of the program’s impact on surrounding areas.


Congestion pricing is one step closer to becoming a reality. Here’s what you need to know.

“We really wanted to limit exemptions and we did,” Traffic Mobility Review Board Chair Carl Weisbrod said of the board’s recommendations.

New York City

Congestion pricing sensors excluded from Lincoln Tunnel property, draws outcry from electeds

Officials representing Manhattan’s Hell’s Kitchen alleged gantries used for the upcoming toll program were deliberately kept off land owned by the Port Authority of New York & New Jersey.

Interviews & Profiles

Rick Cotton on LaGuardia, World Trade Center, Port Authority Bus Terminal projects

The executive director of the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey has learned a thing or two about getting massive projects to the finish line.


Dispelling technology fears as New York City move towards automation

While leaders and tech industry professionals push for digitization, the MTA seeks to rebuild credibility.

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Free buses start on Sunday

A pilot program to test the feasibility of fareless buses is set to start Sept. 24.


Round-the-clock speed cameras improve safety in a city that never sleeps

New York City saw a 25% drop in traffic deaths and a 30% decrease in tickets issued after state lawmakers let it operate their speed cameras on nights and weekends.

Editor's Note

Editor’s note: Congestion pricing is a necessary evil that waits for no one

It’s not a great time to roll out the tolling program, even if it’s the right thing to do.


Congestion pricing still has skeptics in the City Council

Many elected officials acknowledge the benefits of congestion pricing, but still have questions about the MTA’s implementation of the historic program.

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Editor’s note: The City Council should remember Daniel Patrick Moynihan when deciding on MSG

The late U.S. senator might not be so inclined to issue a 10-year renewal for the arena if it would keep the transit hub’s redevelopment plan from bolder alternatives.

Editor's Note

Editor’s note: Train Daddy is right to want a bolder Penn Station redevelopment plan

Former New York City Transit Authority President Andy Byford joined advocates in calling for more ambitious alternatives to reconstructing the transit hub.


Exemptions begin at the forefront of congestion pricing review

The Traffic Mobility Review Board will look over more than 100 requested exemptions to the tolling structure.

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Transit groups call for congestion toll to be passed on to for-hire vehicle riders

A six-member Traffic Mobility Review Board will meet on Wednesday to develop recommendations on a toll structure for congestion pricing.


Elected officials and Brooklynites call on City Hall to reverse course on McGuinness Boulevard project

At a City Hall rally, supporters of the plan to overhaul a busy and dangerous street in Greenpoint railed against the mayor’s actions to stop it.