New York officials push to turn the page on omicron

Are the lessons learned enough to prepare for what may arise down the road?


What the MTA has and hasn’t done to make the subways safer

After Michelle Go’s death, calls for new rider protections have become more urgent.

Energy & Environment

Public power supporters amping up the pressure on Kathy Hochul

Some environmentalists and state lawmakers say her climate proposals are not good enough considering looming dangers.

Criminal justice

A budget fight over Clean Slate begins

The governor expressed support for the bill but introduced her own version with a major change.

Health Care

Hochul’s chapter amendments could undermine new birth center law

A rift grew among birth advocates as progressive legislators asked them to compromise with the governor – or risk a veto.


Hochul proposes 421-a 2.0

The governor said she would replace the controversial tax abatement with something better, but its bones are the same


Hundreds of New York towns opt out of pot

Many communities not allowing marijuana sales are taking a wait-and-see approach.

Energy & Environment

Smokestacks loom over New York’s clean energy plan

New York will have to shut down dozens of fossil fuel power plants to meet its climate goals. Observers worry it’s not on track.

Ask the Experts

Eric Adams wants to cut spending. Here’s how he might do it.

Experts weigh in on the new mayor’s aim to cut the city government’s spending by 3%.

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New tenant protections remain elusive as evictions return

The state failed to approved the Good Cause Eviction bill before the eviction moratorium ends tomorrow.

Health Care

How New York could cover its 1 million uninsured residents

A new report models several options – other than the New York Health Act – that the state could take to expand health care access.

Criminal justice

New data proves bail reform both worked and failed, depending on who you ask

Supporters and opponents of bail reform in dueling press conferences point to a year worth of data released by the state to support their arguments.

Health Care

Doctors say NYC’s omicron wave could end in a matter of weeks

Modeling projections off of London and South Africa, local health experts are hopeful that the variant will peak by mid-January.


New York hospitals see significant upticks in COVID-19 admissions

Gov. Kathy Hochul has urged calm and said the state is not in the same situation as earlier in the pandemic.

Health Care

Child COVID-19 hospitalizations surge

The number of admissions among infected New York City kids has increased four-fold since the first week of December.

Health Care

Hochul to unveil new COVID-19 plans on New Year’s Eve

Public health restrictions might tighten in the upcoming weeks if hospitalizations continue to rise.