Albany Agenda

Hochul wants to protect Taylor Swift and drink at home

The governor’s 30-day budget amendments were somewhat minimal, targeting harmful AI and continuing to permit to-go cocktails. She also restored a fund for legal representation for low-income people.

New York City

The MTA will put all future capital projects on hold until congestion pricing lawsuits go away

The Port Authority’s Rick Cotton and Jamie Torres-Springer of the MTA talked about major infrastructure projects at City & State’s event.


Report: Warehouse injuries in New York are on the rise

The National Employment Law Project found 1 in 11 workers needed to seek medical attention for a workplace injury.

Kathy Hochul

Kathy Hochul is not done talking about crime

The governor highlighted her proposals to curb retail theft on Wednesday.

Albany Agenda

NY lawmakers call for tax credit reform after gnarly state audit

Turns out New York might be cool enough to make it on TV without having taxpayers foot the bill.

Energy & Environment

The Army Corps wants to protect Jamaica Bay from climate change. Environmentalists say they might ruin it in the process.

A plan to close in the bay with a sea gate to protect against future storms could cost billions of dollars and imperil natural marshes.


SUNY and CUNY leaders tell lawmakers they need more state aid

SUNY chancellor John King assured legislators that there are no plans to close down any public universities, though staffing levels may be cut.


Over 70% of New Yorkers favor Medical Aid in Dying bill, new poll finds

The bill would permit doctors to prescribe medication to terminally ill patients enabling them to end their own lives.

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Albany Agenda

Hochul touts her housing carrots for NY municipalities

The governor said there is increased interest in state grants to build housing.

New York City

New York City reaches deadline to show progress on rental voucher expansion

The City Council threatened to sue if the city didn’t take steps to implement rental voucher expansion by Feb. 7.


Upstate mayors highlight flat payments to cities on ‘Tin Cup Day’

They asked for Aid and Incentives for Municipalities to be indexed to inflation so that they can continue to revitalize their cities.

Albany Agenda

Eric Adams asks for state to cover at least half of migrant costs

The New York City mayor testified before state lawmakers at Albany’s annual “Tin Cup Day.”


Lawmakers propose creation of state authority to finance and build affordable housing

State Sen. Cordell Cleare and Assembly Member Emily Gallagher are sponsoring a bill to create the Social Housing Development Authority, which would build housing directly instead of relying on private developers.

Albany Agenda

It’s ‘Tin Cup Day,’ and Eric Adams has a wishlist

The New York City mayor wants continued mayoral control of schools and a deal to spur housing development.


Opinion: New York needs more housing. There's a real solution on the horizon

Rather than just relying on private developers, New York state can set up a Social Housing Development Authority to build affordable housing itself.