On determining NYC class sizes, all eyes turn to Hochul

The state Legislature voted to reduce class sizes to the mayor’s chagrin, and now the governor is facing pressure on all sides.


Supporters of noncitizen voting vow to appeal state Supreme Court ruling

After a Staten Island judge ruled that the New York City law violated the state Constitution, advocates remain hopeful.

Criminal justice

Nearly 70% of detainees at Rikers women’s jail can be safely released: advocates

Criminal justice advocates and experts called on the city to study how it can free women and gender-expansive people housed at the Rose M. Singer Center following the death of inmate Mary Yehudah in May.


Can Adams’ citywide affordable housing plan finally tear down the NIMBY wall?

When deeply affordable housing is proposed for neighborhoods other than the poorest, locals shout it down. Is the city ready to plow over the outrage?

Criminal justice

Eric Adams claims progress at Rikers despite several recent detainee deaths

Attorneys for one of the men who died called the mayor’s announcement “irresponsible and callous.”

New York City

Federal takeover of Rikers Island is off the table, for now, judge says

Southern District Judge Laura Taylor Swain approved the city’s plan to reform Rikers in an order filed Tuesday.


Adrienne Adams’ City Council passes its first budget

The $101.1 billion spending plan was approved late at night, with some opposition – and possible retribution.

gun control

Eric Adams’ fears that SCOTUS ruling could permit guns on subways is a ‘worst-case scenario’

The court has indicated it is likely to overturn the state’s restrictive permitting requirements for concealed guns, except in “sensitive” public places.

New York State

Here’s some of the major legislation New York passed in the end of the legislative session

After addressing abortion, cryptocurrency and guns, members of the state Senate and Assembly now must shift gears to prepare for elections.

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gun control

Hochul signs gun laws at the start of a tough election cycle for Democrats

Officials from across the state attended the bill signing that served as much as a rallying cry as an earnest attempt to prevent future shootings.


After passage of bitcoin mining moratorium, advocates push Hochul for action

The moratorium bill was revived to pass early Friday morning, despite aggressive lobbying by the crypto industry.


NYC municipal employees still call for hybrid work in the face of City Hall’s email

“I’m too tired to be really angry about it anymore,” one worker said of the mandatory in-office work policy.


Making broadband internet connections to New York’s hardest-to-reach places

Gov. Kathy Hochul’s $1.4 billion ConnectALL initiative is aiming to boost speeds and incentivize new fiber optic cable installations.

gun control

What is gun microstamping?

A state bill that would require the technology to be included in the manufacturing of some guns sold in New York could be passed by the end of the week.


Legislators poised to let 421-a expire

With only three days left in the scheduled legislative session remaining, it appears the controversial tax break to incentivize developers to build affordable housing won’t have a replacement this year.

New York State

Kidney donation bill stuck in Assembly “traffic jam”

Advocates claimed the legislation could lead to 100 more donors every year, with just a $1 million annual cost for the state.