What does Kathy Hochul need $5 million in promotional content for?

Support from outside funders urging people to support the governor’s budget priorities has raised eyebrows about her negotiating position.


The NYPD is way over its overtime budget. Does the department even care?

The New York City Police Department’s commitment to curbing OT spending was met with skepticism at a City Council hearing.

New York State

Legislature takes a knife to Hochul’s agenda in budget proposals

The state Senate and Assembly’s one-house budgets threaten to undermine Hochul’s plans for bail reform and housing.


Senate budget proposal includes full Build Public Renewables Act

Gov. Hochul’s executive included a watered-down version of the bill, but the Senate is insisting on the full legislation.


Two Oscar contenders are getting New York state tax credits

That’s way less than in past years – just as Gov. Kathy Hochul is looking to boost the credit to $700 million a year.

New York City Council

Council to Adams: there’s more money to be found

At issue is the very size of New York City’s operating budget, and how it gets spent.

Campaigns & Elections

Could public campaign finance unlaunch in New York?

As behind-the-scenes budget conversations continue, rumor has it the campaign reform might be in danger of being reversed.

Kathy Hochul

How Hochul’s budget proposal might stir the pot

Bail reform, no new taxes on the wealthy and more charter schools are all expected to be topics of conversation during a tense moment with the Legislature.

Eric Adams

Hochul pledges $1 billion to city for migrants

Mayor Eric Adams has been asking for support, but it isn’t clear exactly what New York City will get, especially when it comes to federal funding.

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Kathy Hochul

Gov. Kathy Hochul’s 2024 budget proposal, by the numbers

The governor proposed the largest state spending plan in history in her second executive budget while upholding her promise not to increase income taxes.


Eric Adams eliminates vacant job openings, by the numbers

More than 4,300 city positions were cut in the mayor’s latest financial plan.


Eric Adams’ preliminary budget, by the numbers.

The $102.7 billion proposal includes mandated 5% cuts for all city agencies.


This year’s budget dance begins, amid tensions between mayor and City Council

The initial spending proposal for fiscal year 2024 will take thousands of vacant city jobs off the books.

New York City

With a new austerity measure, Mayor Eric Adams asks agencies to cut budgets by 3%

Looking ahead to budget gaps and a weaker economy, City Hall asks, again, for belt-tightening – but no layoffs.

New York City

New York City’s FY 2023 budget by the numbers

Council Speaker Adrienne Adams and Mayor Eric Adams announced the early deal on Friday.


What to know about New York City budget negotiations

A little more than a month before the budget deadline, the City Council is still pushing for more funding for affordable housing, neighborhood health centers and safe streets.