Michael Gianaris

How will New York convert unused buildings into housing?

Lawmakers are ironing out the details on a plan to renovate office buildings and hotels. It’ll cost much more than what they’ve set aside.


Dueling proposals to convert commercial properties into housing

The plan is enmeshed in state budget negotiations, with a gap between Gov. Andrew Cuomo and state Senate Deputy Majority Leader Michael Gianaris.


Rent hardship declarations spike

The number of renters suffering hardships due to COVID-19 and seeking moratoriums on their rent through May 1, has more than tripled.


How the state can make suburbs affordable

New proposals represent progress on suburban affordable housing, but are insufficiently ambitious.

New York City

How COVID-19 has highlighted housing issues

Understanding the tenants’ rights movement.


NYC’s reluctance to end contracts with notorious nonprofits

The New York Times’ bombshell report about one of the city’s biggest homeless shelter providers points to its inability to hold shelter operators accountable for their troubling behavior.


Renters, landlords both say the new eviction moratorium isn’t enough

The new law is a temporary patch until lawmakers find a real solution.


The push for new tenant protections gains traction in Albany

Lawmakers and activists say a new eviction moratorium is the first step in a wider 2021 effort.

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New York State

Ideas for a new New York

Experts, advocates and lawmakers on the ambitious policies that could remake New York after the pandemic.

affordable housing

Lawmakers call on NYCHA to fix its ventilation issues

It could help prevent spikes in coronavirus cases as people spend more time indoors this winter.


SoHo rezoning not a safe bet with Manhattan BP candidates

While most expressed at least theoretical support, missing details prevent them from fully committing.


Federal eviction order prompts calls for further state action

The Trump administration paused evictions until the end of the year, but it won’t cover all New Yorkers.


NYC’s plan to move homeless people back into shelters

Despite Mayor Bill de Blasio’s announcement, it’s unclear what the city will do to help homeless New Yorkers.


Build community, instead of fear, on the Upper West Side

Affluent neighborhoods should help solve homelessness.