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James Whelan wants to start converting commercial real estate into housing ASAP

The Real Estate Board of New York President discussed repurposing hotels and other properties left vacant by the pandemic.

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March toward good cause eviction continues in Poughkeepsie

As statewide tenant organizers announce their legislative agenda, another upstate city approved new tenant protections.


New York requests nearly $1 billion in additional Emergency Rental Assistance funds

The request comes as the state has spent nearly all of the $2.4 billion in funds that it initially received.


Will the SoHo/NoHo rezoning help or harm Chinatown? Depends who you ask.

Opponents and proponents can’t agree on anything really – including where Chinatown’s borders are.


Progressives score another upstate win on good cause eviction

Newburgh has become the latest city to adopt the tenant protections which have stalled at the state level.


Illegal evictions are rising across the state, but landlords rarely face consequences

There’s a growing trend of landlords changing locks and shutting off utilities to get tenants out without going to court, tenant organizers say.


NYCHA needs big money for major progress

Here’s why the federal government should double the amount allocated in the American Jobs Plan for public housing to $80 billion and help bring much-needed change to the housing authority in New York City.


How do you make underground apartments safer? Many legislators and housing advocates say legalize them.

Though recent events have thrust the issue to the forefront, advocates have been working on the issue of expanding cellar and basement housing units for decades.


State lawmakers reach a deal to extend the eviction moratorium

Landlords and tenants both have reasons to like the proposed changes to a state housing relief program.


The pandemic’s affordable housing opportunity

New York City should retrofit stores, offices and hotels to address the housing shortage.

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Lawmakers are extending eviction moratorium the easy way

A quick deal gives Democratic lawmakers four more months to figure out how to avoid a potential tidal wave of residential and commercial evictions.

Michael Gianaris

How will New York convert unused buildings into housing?

Lawmakers are ironing out the details on a plan to renovate office buildings and hotels. It’ll cost much more than what they’ve set aside.


Dueling proposals to convert commercial properties into housing

The plan is enmeshed in state budget negotiations, with a gap between Gov. Andrew Cuomo and state Senate Deputy Majority Leader Michael Gianaris.


Rent hardship declarations spike

The number of renters suffering hardships due to COVID-19 and seeking moratoriums on their rent through May 1, has more than tripled.


How the state can make suburbs affordable

New proposals represent progress on suburban affordable housing, but are insufficiently ambitious.